Riden TC66C Type-C PD Trigger Capacity Meter

Riden USB tester

This is the story about a tiny USB-C tester which just arrived from Banggood – the

Having recently acquired a couple of decent plug-in-the-wall Blitzwolf Type-C PD (Power Delivery) mobile phone chargers (see relevant blog entries I figured I’d better have a tester to ensure they do their job with our various phones and devices. The Riden device (RuiDeng USB Meter) plugs into the testing monitor – in this case my PC. It has USB-C in and out as well as a micro-USB connection for data.

You may be aware of other meters and testers from RIDEN (RuiDeng) – I’ve had lots of stuff from that company in the past. The TC66C unit came with barely any information but in a nice case – complete with link to their website wherein there are user manuals, PC + Android software and other information all in English. It took me all of several seconds to plug the Riden unit into my 65W PD charger and my PC and to attach my Pocophone for charging.

Riden Tester

The result – completely automatic charging and testing at elevated PD voltages. As you can see, not your normal (old-school) 5v USB out to the phone, but 9v+ and initially the charge was more like 2.5A – by the time I got around to keying in this blog – it was down to just over 1A and the phone was nearly fully charged.

And if you think the USB software for the PC is good – the WIFI-based APP for the phone is BRILLIANT – I just got it running while leaving the PC and phone connected.

Android APK

GOOD GADGET!!!! Having briefly seen the Android App in action I’m torn bwteeen the PC USB or Android WiFi versions – but as both are free – I’m keeping both of them!


6 thoughts on “Riden TC66C Type-C PD Trigger Capacity Meter

  1. Thats some massively spurious accuracy there! 9.4567V No, just say 9.5V. I doubt there are many components with .001% accuracy.

    1. I agree – no WAYany kit is that accurate – I’d maybe compromise snd use 9.46v there..

  2. Peter, you are right about the RIDEN stuff being good quality, I have some of his other testers and they are very useful pieces of test gear. However, the screenshots of the data displays show he has improved them considerably. That phone display is very impressive.

    1. It is impressive Bob but I did note that the link to the next page did nothing unless someone is just thinking ahead to the next release 🙂

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