RPI Prototyping

Prototype boardRemember a few blogs back where we were talking about prototyping boards for Raspberry Pi and similar and I showed a sample board and someone came back and said “Ah but you can get cheaper on AliExpress” – well, I bought one…

Here’s the link – £1.09 in sterling, free postage…. and I have to say… pretty good. Took a few minutes to solder the gold plated connector – holes are PTH and look ok.

So – if you click on the image you might get a larger version… the board came with the connector and nuts and bolts which I managed to lose within minutes of bringing the board into my office.  So you get a 5v rail and ground rail on the left. Over on the right there are full length 3v3 and ground rails and a whole line of holes for every pin (other than ground and power as you already have them).  The rest are all uncommitted runs.  

I have to say, for that price if you’re into tinkering – it’s a winner.  Should work with any of the Pi-type boards with the same connector – though clearly some of the IO pins will be wrong on some boards.  Very nice – just ordered another one.


2 thoughts on “RPI Prototyping

  1. I got some of these a while back to prototype the Replica Astro Pi ‘switchboards’ (www.astropicase.com) and they’re surprisingly nice quality, especially for the price. I got headers, standoff’s and screws included.
    So far I’ve had almost entirely good results with aliexpress; a single item that didn’t arrive and the vendor wouldn’t be nice about. The half dozen WeMos mini pro + SHT30 sets I ordered even arrived within a week.

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