Samsung Galaxy and Gear Watches

Samsung Gear S2 Classic BlackSo the latest is that the new Gear 4 watch won’t be called that at all, just Samsung Galaxy watch – and for anyone who has been living in a cave for some time(I have, but a cave with WIFI) can there be any doubt that this is the best watch in the world?

Personally I am running the Gear S2 (photo on the right) with no urgent desire to upgrade despite spending hours of gadget envy at various stores featuring the Samsung, Apple and other watches here in Spain and in the USA, not to mention dozens of websites) because I prefer the bezel on my 40mm Gear 2 as against the later, larger versions (which are also a little thicker). Up to now I’ve managed to avoid putting any marks on the S2 whatsoever. I have the Black Classic version with decent leather strap. In the past I’ve had lots of expensive “real” watches and no matter what they claim, eventually they get marks on them. I’ve tried really hard to look after this one, so far, so good (2 years down the line).

Watch faces for SamsungHere’s what is so special about this watch and its variations… Depending on your mood it can be just about any watch on the planet!! I’ve reviewed many smart watches on this blog, some of which are really great. others not so but the thing they all seem to have in common is limited choice of watch faces.

Once you get used to owning the Samsung, it seems only natural to regularly change watch faces and other apps. The official Samsung App for Android phones (and no doubt iPhone) has countless faces available, many of them for free – but then there is also “Facer” – I just subscribed to their cheap “Premium” version and now I have not thousands but tens of thousands of watch faces and variations available to me, including those of well known up-market brand names and specials designed just for Samsung. I keep dozens on the watch itself at any time.

Watch faces for SamsungCheck out the Facer App and the “Galaxy Wear” app on The Google PlayStore. It costs nothing to look and it might just lead to a life changing experience. I sometimes waste more time hunting through watch faces than I do on Facebook. And today I figured out how to screenshot watch faces on the watch itself and transfer them to my Pocophone F1  (I’ve already automated phone-to-PC transfers) so that  you can see a tiny selection here. Forgive me for not showing examples of Tag Heur, Patek Philippe, Rolex, Cartier. Breitling, Omega and Montblanc, I got tired of most of those, months ago. Give me a few more months and no doubt I’ll end up back with the classics. The “Cactus” face I got this week, rather apt given the weather here in Southern Spain right now. But don’t get hung up on my strange tastes, go take a look elsewhere….

Having said all of the above – I DO also have the Gear S3 watch – currently awaiting a shedload of protection kit before I  take it out for a spin.

Watch faces for Samsung

Watch faces for Samsung