The reason for the title is simple – I’ve just had my first (favourable, exciting, even) experience with Xose Perez’s multi-purpose Espurna IOT firmware on some of my Sonoff power controllers. Regular readers will know that I developed ESP-GO and usually flash either ESP-GO or Theo Arends’s Tasmota firmware onto my Itead Sonoff boards. Because … Continue reading ESPURNA and SONOFFS

Shelly One WIFI Switch

“Shelly One” is just one example of several (claimed) open source products produced by a company called Shelly who are based, not as you might expect in China’s mega technology city of Shenzhen but in Sofia, Bulgaria. Shelly are not new and there are plenty of videos out there about their products – so I … Continue reading Shelly One WIFI Switch


Before we start, here is a link to the PIVPN site also to Pi-hole: and thanks to Loic74 – PIVPN is setup software for OpenVPN, whereas PIHOLE is a Linux network-level advertisement and Internet tracker blocking application. Like most normal people I find the subject of secure VPNs to be torturous and … Continue reading PIVPN and PI-HOLE