Second 2021 Treat – a New Doorbell

Doorbell from Banggood

Regular readers may recall one of last year’s blog entries called “A ZemiSmart Weekend” in which I wrote about, amongst other things, my new (at the time) doorbell, a simple kinetic door push (no batteries) with a UK-plug-based “bell”. This was back in April 2020 and I bought it from the UK over to Spain with me where it has been in use every day since. I just gave it to a pal of mine because I now have something NEW.

The ML T195-BB Wireless Waterproof Doorbell is a lovely system comprising a kinetic, battery-free door push and a PAIR of bells (EU mains fitting), both of which are pre-paired and which simply work out of the box. It arrived here just days ago.

Unlike the ZemiSmart unit, this doorbell system includes a blue temperature display in each bell unit – I put one near the front door so I can see just how much heat the cat-flap is losing (lots), the other will go into a spare wall socket in the living room or my office.

Controls? Well, there’s a 4-level volume button, tune selector and C/F selector on the side of each bell unit. Range is claimed as 150m in open air (like we all install our doorbells in open air – so take that with a pinch of salt). The door push is claimed to be IP44 waterproof. My only gripe is that settings don’t survive a power falure and default to full volume and a simple bell.

The “kinetic” part of this story is important – no batteries to charge or replace in the door push – which generates enough power when you press it, to send a short radio burst to the bells. Good idea.

I have a number of gadgets using this idea including a light switch which I wrote about back in 2019 and which is still working perfectly in my hallway.

Finally, as is often the case, the English instructions are good for raising a laugh – I think Google did the translating. “The closer the receiver’s receiver is to the straight line, the better the signal will be”. Not to worry – they are good enough for such a simple device.


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