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  1. Yes. I found that an issue when using multiple units, so I started with an initial device name ‘xx’ to which it also subscribed to as a topic. Writing to the topic xx with a payload of Name’newname’, rewrites the config variables to flash. On a reset its name becomes ‘newname’ and re subscribes to ‘newname’.
    (can be renamed again via the newname subscription)
    Having a common subscription along with ‘newname’ etc, allows all or individual module addressing.

    I also wanted to have the modules capable of closed loop networking with a Pi as an AP + broker, or out to a cloud service (ie. m20cloudmqtt.com) via an alternate AP, so on boot up, if a pin is held down, the module toggles between two config sets, which get reflashed. I use the second wireless AP as a network extension to attach anywhere it needs to be.
    Grant you, not as nice as a webUI, but sorts my issues.

    1. Hmm yes food for thought. A pal of mine is at home right now trying to get the original HTTPD software working which would make the ESP8266 act as a router until you set everything up in it – that would be a good solution but for the fact that the original web software never did work properly on a “clean” esp8266 board. I’m hoping he’s fixing that. I think he’s planning on using a pin also to reset.

    1. Yes a friend of mine is working on that so that we can start from scratch with a unit up to having it talk to an MQTT broker all without having to recompile every time.

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