Solar 90 LED Motion Sensor Light

First item in the mailbag today (October 20, 2018 – but see update) – a solar powered 90 LED motion sensor wall light from Banggood –

At £37 this isn’t the price of your average garden £1.50 light, but then this isn’t your average garden light. Yes, that’s 90 high intensity LEDs with movement sensing, 4 power settings and off, all controlled by a single tiny (up to now) waterproof button.

January 5, 2022 Update

Unlike most solar lights I’ve had over the years, this one was fitted in October 2018 to a south-facing wall in my home in Wark, Northumberland, UK and has continued to operate (almost) flawlessly since then (3+ years). Most give up after a much shorter period and very few can handle the miserable weather we get up here. In winter, i.e. right now in January, with very little sun, most give up a couple of hours after sunset (which is 5pm or so at this time of year). This unit is brighly illuminating my pathway (movement-sensing) WAY after midnight – I can’t tell you what a difference this makes. Sadly this particular model seems no longer available at Banggood (a shame or I’d buy more given this update) – but maybe elsewhere?

I said “almost flawlessly”… ONE of the 90 LEDs has somehow visibly corroded (while the rest remain spotless) – bottom centre – but that doesn’t seem to be harming anything. I also noted this morning (second of two sunny days so far this year) that the LEDs are lit up in the sun when I go past the unit – but as noted elsewhere, this unit still works way longer into the night than others.

End of Update

Here’s the (miserable autumn Northeastern UK) daylight shot… mounted on my office wall…

Garden light

and the altogether more useful night-time shot…

Garden light

I DETEST the tiny solar panels they often put on garden lights which means the lights run WAY under maximum brilliance – none of that with this unit. The light came well packed with English instructions and more importantly with a cardboard mounting template, making it dead easy to fit on the wall.

Time will tell, I’ve had many solar lights in the past and the cheap ones almost NEVER last due to the environment – I’ll let you know how this one goes – I have high hopes but I’m afraid you won’t see the update for a while – it went on the wall today, I’ll post an update in the spring to let you know how things went. No doubt meantime there will be comments.

The packaging has the “all important CE marking” on it (if anyone gives a hoot – I don’t).

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One thought on “Solar 90 LED Motion Sensor Light

  1. I have to say that the best solar lights I’ve ever bought have come from PowerBee
    They sell solar lights that are designed to work well in the gloomy and damp conditions of the UK, but I also like to them in Spain because they seem to withstand the intense sun better than most of the cheap Chinese products.


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