Solar Acrylic Solar Lamps – the Horse – or the Owl?

Solar Owl and Horse from Banggood

I made a big deal out of these back in February, but one of my solar lights has given up due to internal corrosion (unusually wet winter/early spring) so I sent off for a replacement “Solar Acrylic LED Lawn Lamp” – we had a pair of owls in the garden and for reasons beyond me, this time we ended up with a horse – but because of course the acrylic bits are detachable from the solar supply, I could re-use the original owl which has been decorating our living room in one of the USB-powered equivalents.

So now we have a horse AND an owl – the two owls look great together in the garden. We love them. Maybe a little silicone this time.


2 thoughts on “Solar Acrylic Solar Lamps – the Horse – or the Owl?

  1. My Owl is still going strong with the clear waterproof tape over the solar panel. And it’s been a tad wet out there….

    1. Our problem with that would be the extreme heat here in Southern Spain in July/August, the sun would ruin any tape in no time – glad its working well, they are great.

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