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tmp83C3To give my latest gadget its full title – Solar powered HD 1080p Wireless PIR waterproof security outdoor IP67 camera. Originally I received an ESCAM solar camera which was GREAT but which would not operate reliably in the outdoor heat despite its other great features. This was my alternative pick and after several weeks of un-interrupted, external solar operation it was until recently proving to be 100% reliable.

By Oct 1 2019 this was no longer true. Returning from Spain to UK the camera I left there failed. All others including the Watchman were and are fine and the weather there remains sunny. Both this camera and the Watchman have been rock solid for many weeks and both survived August sun and September storms. Now this camera has been dead for 2 days. As there are no wires there is nothing to fix. Interestingly the original ESCAM was similar in that it operated peffectly for a while then stopped. At the time I could simply restart the camera, in this case I can’t as I’m no longer at that location.

So, straight off the bat, I originally liked this camera, I also have a couple of MINOR gripes about the Android “i-Cam” app – no volume control on the sound… I like the idea of talking to the postman from thousands of miles away… .but to offset that –  there are ways around the lack of sound control as I have a fully remotely controllable Raspberry Pi here in Spain. The camera, as well as being fully solar operated (it came minus batteries and I just fitted 2 cheap Lithium 18650 (maybe 2,000maH) batteries  – it only actually needs one but I thought better safe than sorry)  is fixed lens and has a wide field of view complete with 2-way sound. However note my comments above – it looks like the camera is not good enough for unattended operation.

There’s a video I made here:

The first pleasant surprise was the App on my Android phone – dead easy to use – setup of the camera was trivial and I was surprised to see that the camera stores short video sequences triggered by the PIR into free cloud space (you can turn that off) even if you choose as I did, NOT to fit an SD.

Moreover, once I messed with some simple settings, when I moved past the wall-mounted camera back into the house, the camera rang me up on my Android mobile phone and when I answered the call I was immediately greeted with video footage.

New camera from Banggood

Nice trick – The idea was that I could have it ring me when I’m away from home or hiding in my office, on answering I can talk to whoever is visiting (like the postman) – or in the case of burglars, threaten to beat them to death. Be aware that at the lowest sensitivity this device picks up on some large sunflowers we have when it is windy so position for minimum visual interference if you want to use the alarm feature.

Wall-mounting the camera is simple and they even provide a small screwdriver for the open-able battery compartment (the camera is solar but of course needs not-provided standard Lithium batteries for the night).

New camera

HD quality looks good – and the price is ok too. The camera has it’s own access point mode in case it loses the WIFI but so far it has been rock-solid on WIFI, recovering transparently from 2 short power cuts with the attendant loss of WIFI.

Packaging was simple but perfectly adequate.

Banggood packaging

Apparently July 31 was the end of sale season. Be warned: as is often the case, there are some really DUMB specs for this device online. What the hell is “200w pixels” for example. Also “low-battery warning sent to your phone”… REALLY? Not much use if you are away from home, like, thousands of miles away. I hope that’s just a translation issue.

Such a camera MUST recover automatically from a flat battery. Don’t expect to see much about this in other reviews.  Despite the above, I loved this camera for many weeks until we left the area and it just stopped. You have a choice of SD or HD modes and once set it appears to stay in whichever mode you put it.

The simple design means you cannot optimise the solar panel position and angle but that does not seem to be an issue. The camera kept going through a bout of bad weather but as you’ll note above, eventually failed.

Here’s the Banggood link:


15 thoughts on “Solar HD1080P IP67 Camera

      1. yup, choose PROVEN SOURCE from where to buy, and go for the panasonic (black/green cover), or samsung (usually pink)… anything beyond 3400MAh is just FAKE, that’s the limit of the LI-ION and LiPo techonology in the 18650 form factor…

        look at DiodeGoneWild youtube channel for lots of info… i love his russian accent, and his cat which is always supervisioning on his bench 😀

  1. I read that there were fakes and that amount of mAh was miss leading.

    What I’m not sure about is the flat top vs the button top.

    The battery holder on the unit appears too want normal AA batteries, meaning there is a spring at one end and a flat contact on the other end.

    1. Hi

      Read the blog updates, this camera has proven to be unreliable (i.e. left unmanned it has died and I have no way to reset it as I am not currently at that location) and hence I have not done any further work on it. The only SOLAR camera that has proven to be 100% in an unmanned situation up to now is the MINUTEMEN which I’ve blogged about elsewhere in here. So the short answer is I can’t help with your current query.

      1. Hi Peter,
        first of all thanks a lot for interesting and useful video. Well, I searched unsuccessfully your write about MINUTEMEN: would You please assist to locate ? Thanks a lot

  2. I bought mine from Amazon shipped from some supplier in China.

    Batteries were included but upon installing them nothing was happening. No blue LED, no voice prompt for setup. Nothing. Since I got 2 orders, I tried my second one, same thing, nothing.

    Now I was thinking maybe the batteries are totally drained and they need some charging. So I tried leaving them out in the sun for a day, still nothing, no LED, no voice prompt. And they look exactly the same by. But they do not seem to work at all, could there be a step I am doing incorrectly or these are totally busted? What is your expert guess opinion?

    1. I think I made it clear in my video I do not find this camera reliable. After it worked for some time in my presence, I left Spain in October and it went dead, it has not reconnected over 2 months later and I’m not there to press reset. All my other cameras are just fine including the now defunct (I really don’t understand why) Watchman. Initially my IP67 came with no matteries so I fitted two as you see in the video.. It worked for some weeks then just stopped. Amazon should refund you without questioning. I did not however have that initial problem – I hope you put the batteries in the right way round. Personally I’d stick the batteries in a Lithium charger for a few hours to start the ball rolling after which make sure their voltage is above 4v.

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