Solar Motion Sensor Light

Why am I using a stock photo here? Because the weather in our garden right now is pretty naff, that’s why. This is the latest sensor light I’ve picked up from Banggood as we settle back down into Willow Cottage after gutting the place (if you saw the state the long-term tenants left it in you’d know why I say gutting). But I digress – not only is this sensor light solid looking but right now (Early November 2018) Banggood are having yet another sale and this is CHEAP.

Solar Sensor Light

And here is the link - Solar Motion Light

It is always easy to make these things look bright when in fact they are usually far dimmer than the demo suggests, but here it is in my well-lit office with my sparkly new 32” bright 4K display – and it STILL is bright as hell. I LIKE IT. Now, whether or not it will handle British weather over an extended period is another matter. As soon as I finish this entry it is going up on the wall but to be fair it will be months before I can say for sure that it’s a winner. Regardless, I want more!

Solar Motion Light

Looks pretty bright to me! 20 LEDs, motion sensing and light level sensing.


5 thoughts on “Solar Motion Sensor Light

  1. Hi, I bought some of these from Amazon back in the summer, they are great. As they have a LIPO battery I decided to put a ESP-01 inside one of them so when the light was triggered, it would turn on the ESP and send me a push bullet announcement that it had been triggered. Perfect for notification when someone is coming up my drive.

    Beauty is that the ESP only turns on after a trigger for just enough time to send a message....hence no battery drain.

  2. na, just kept it simple....connected the LED in parallel with the Vin on the ESP (via a reg). so when motion detected at night the ESP fires up and sends me a pushbullet message that its turned on, then when LED goes off the power is removed from ESP.... hence no battery drain. Works a treat

  3. Adding the ESP is a really great idea. I have had one of these installed at my holiday chalet most of this year and it works great despite not being in direct sunlight most of the day.

    I have an extensive ESP based Home Automation there and I was looking to add an outside temperature sensor on deep sleep so that I can disable my plant watering system at near zero temperatures and this would enable that. I have a spare 2nd unit which I may open up to take a look now. What a great resource this site is for ideas!

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