Sonoff GK-200MP2-B WiFi IP Camera


To give the camera it’s full title – GK-200MP2-B WiFi IP Security camera, this is a nice camera from Itead. No power supply, just the camera, you need 5v DC (3.5mm x 1.35mm dia – i.e. the smaller type connector) to run it and it handles WiFi or RJ45 connection. It can also store video on a standard, local (not supplied) microSD (TF) card – use class 10 or better.

To start the camera initially I had to use the “eWeLink” App – I used “sound pairing” which involved listening to an English voice and entering the details of my access point, adding my password, enabling RTSP and that was about it but from there on I quickly moved to my favourite ONVIFER app which runs several of my cameras from different suppliers. That required entering the password I’d put into the camera earlier as well as it’s ID number.

Both the output volume and mic volume can be adjusted and also there are indoor and outdoor mic sensitivity controls. Qouted temperature range is 0-55c – fine for Spanish summers if you choose to put it in a sheltered spot outdoors – not sure about UK winters which can get WAY below zero C. Fine indoors of course.

So – if you wish to use third party software, enable RTSP protocol on the APP – this also enables connection to an NVR device. I have mine running on ONVIFER on my Android phone – but have yet to get the pan and tilt running with this particular camera using that app.

Itead camaera

The camera isn’t the smallest I’ve come across at 109mm x 109mm x 120mm but gives a good HD 1080p result and no problems. It also has 340 degree pan, 120 degrees tilt and (accurate) motion detection along with 2-way audio. It seems built for indoor use but looks like it would handle a shower if you taped over the SD and RJ45 connectors at the back.

Up to now, no complaints and generally Itead stuff works so I don’t expect any problems. The camera has IR night vision and can be mounted on desk, wall or ceiling. Last time I checked it was (UK price) £22.40 sterling inc UK plug.

July 22 Update

Subscriber “Mike” wrote in yesterday to say he was having issues setting up the camera – so – as it happens, I brought my GK-200MP2-B camera to Spain with me. I went out on a limb (no manual as I left that in the UK) and took off the camera base bracket – and held in the “factory reset” button for a few seconds with the power to the camera ON – so I was starting from scratch.

The camera stated verbally – “Please use mobile phone for WiFi configuration”.

With WiFi on my phone turned on, I tried adding a device in the WeLink App using “+”

That led me to pick the “Sound pairing” option at which point the phone suggested restoring the camera to factory settings – which I’d already done – so I selected “next” and chose my current WiFi access point SSID and added the password. I then chose “next” in the App which promptly started to beep.

“WiFi recognised” emerged verbally from the camera, followed by “Please wait for Wifi Connecting” then “Please wait for Internet connecting” then “Welcome to eWes-club camera”… though I’m sure it wasn’t exactly that. The device name offered on the phone was “eWeLink camera3b1d” so I hit “done”. That was it.

eWeLink and the Sonoff GK200MP2-B camera

And yes that IS a “Mojacar Beach” shirt – where I will be heading as soon as it is allowed (post-Covid).

Again in the eWeLink App, having selected the same camera, I hit the 3 DOTS top right of the screen (middle image above – to the right of “eWeLink camera3b1d”) – then “more settings” – then “RTSP” – this showed IP allocation as “auto” – and an IP address of – account name “rtsp” and password “12345678”. It also showed a button offering to “Create RTSP Link”. At a later date I’ll change all of that – for now I let it create the link… which I copied to the clipboard.

In my ONVIFER APP I selected a generic RTSP device, used the pasted link and the username “rtsp” and password “12345678” and LO – a new camera. I’ll do the job properly later.


26 thoughts on “Sonoff GK-200MP2-B WiFi IP Camera

  1. Tried many times to connect my camera via ewlink but no success keep getting password invalid.
    I have 2 sonoff plugs connected and working ok

        1. Hi Mike – check the “July 22” update near the bottom of the blog entry – I’ve started from scratch to see if that helps.

    1. I had an issue where the camera would show up as offline in the ewelink app, but the camera was still able to stream video to VLC player. I had to upgrade the app, upgrade the camera, and that did not fix it. The only fix was to re-pair the thing. This would last a week or so before going offline again. I opened a ticket with Itead. They sent me a bin file that enables logging and asked me to place the file on the SD card, which I did. Funny thing is, it has not went offline since. In all of that headache of re-pairing with my phone, I discovered the the app was placing a “space” after my wifi password which caused it to be incorrect. It also would capitalize the first character of the password. It works slick once you get the hang of it though. I have done it many times now. The issue I have now is that the timestampis showing 1970-01-01 in the video playback, another open ticket…

    2. Check your SSID and Password length, if either are over 16 characters it won’t work – I suspect the sound transfer software is truncating them with the resultant ‘password incorrect’ message.

  2. Hey Peter, what config (port, URL, etc.) did you use for ONVIF control? I can’t seem to find anything in the docs or online.


    1. onvif port and path should be standard, so just search for this path on ports 80 or 5000: /onvif/device_service
      rtsp instead is not, so you have to look around… but if you use “onvif device manager” free software, it will show you the correct feed path, too, usually…

      1. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, the software does not autodiscover the camera. Adding the device manually (using the suggested `` URI, replacing the IP) doesn’t give much more result. I suspect that the control in the application is using a proprietary protocol.

        1. the camera has a couple of ports open: 23/tcp (telnet) and 554/tcp (rtsp) are the obvious ones. Also has 7103/tcp and 8081/tcp open, but I’m not sure what they’re for. They don’t expose HTTP for ONVIF on those ports.

  3. Hi
    I have Sonoff GK-200MP2-B cameras now I want to store the recording in one of the windows PC in my LAN. how can I do this?
    Any help will be appreciated.

    1. Erm, well, bearing in mind it is powered from 5v, not 12v – and there is no battery inside as far as I know.

  4. I have 3 of these but cannot get the sound pairing to work.
    I have plenty of other sonoff devices so i am familiar with the process.
    Any ideas?

      1. I’ve seen on the details of other things (notably a Chinese Wi-Fi doorbell) that RTSP is supported but for that it is impossible to get the feed. I’m hoping that as this is WELink controlled, it is possible to make it available.

  5. oh, finally a cheap ipcam which has both rtsp and onvif, allowing full local use without any cloud? Unbelievable! 😀

    edit: can’t see onvif on official page, just rtsp, which is enough for me, btw…

    the optional psu is just 3$ more, suggest buying it as it has a non standard plug (not the usual 5.5×2.1mm)

    linked page says it can interact with sonoff devices… besides the fact that i think i had NOT ONE device which i didn’t hack to tasmotize it, what does this mean? And the doorbell via rf bridge integration?

    1. Power ie the smaller plug – I think 1.7mm ?? Definitely smaller than the 2.1mm ones and standard – I’ve used the same size before. Also it TALKS as soon as you apply power. I just took the plug out of mine to check for you – and as soon as I put the power back in it started “Internet connecting”.

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