Sonoff SNZB-02D Zigbee LCD Update

SNZB-02D Temperature and Humidity Sensor from Sonoff

Update June 2024: The article below about the SNZB-02D LCD Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor was originally written in March 2023 – It’s now over 15 months later and the sensor has been sitting on my shelf along with many others on test. A lot has changed recently including my move to Home Assistant. I’ve been looking for another sensor to leave in the UK when I go back for a short trip in July – I’ve a plug-in for HA which tells me about Zigbee device battery states in charge sorted order – and i just happened to spot that the battery on the SNZB-02P is still at 60% – so this looks like a reliable candidate to leave unattended. Why do I need such reliability? Well, the one and only temperature sensor I have back in the UK is showing a ridiculously high temperature – could be a sensor failure or worse, we could have left the (not remotely controlled) heating on during our last visit…. so I need something reliable to compare with on my return. SNZB-02P gets the job (here in Spain my Zigbee hub (dongle) works on RPi5, but back in the UK I have a Sonoff NSPanel Pro which acts as a Zigbee hub and that’s been fine for a long time now).

March 2023 Article: Straight off the bat, I like this new sensor from Sonoff – epecially since it will work with my other Sonoff products like NSPANEL Pro and thanks to the eWeLink plug-in for Node-Red, my own home control setup.. but I have to ask… what is it with some manufacturers that they are still using LCDs from a bygone age.

This CR2450-powered (included) sensor-display looks lovely – it has a nice hinged case for desk mounting and a removeable panel for wall mounting – very pleasing – but just for the sake of it, let’s compare with a cheap Zigbee LCD sensor I picked up from AliExpress recently – the most outstanding difference – aside from the AliExpress unit being a tad SMALL – is the display.

The latter has nice BLACK, CLEAR lettering at any angle – the SONOFF unit is a bit picky on viewing angles. Ok, I’ll grant you, good luck getting repeatability from AliExpress – but I have to give that Ali-sourced sensor a mention for the display alone.

Ok, now you mention it – the AliExpress unit has a smiley face, non-programmable to indicate what THEY think of as reasonable humidity – and that’s it but I DO like the solid display. Back to the new Sonoff unit… I’m going to quickly try tp pair it with my NSPANEL Pro… bear with me…

T&H Sensor from Sonoff added to NSPanel Pro.

Here we go… Sonoff NSPanel Pro – Add Device… at this point I pressed and held (for several seconds) the little button on the back of tthe new SNZB-02D sensor while the NSPanel Pro was searching. Within seconds – DONE. Added.

Hopefully over time, NSPanel Pro will be able to track temperature readings from this device – right now apart from instantaneous readings, nothing. Fair enough as I just installed it. Same with the eWeLink APP. Despite pressing the buton on the sensor, minutes after installation, still no history.

I shook the sensor to get it to change temperature slightly – and the temperature dropped from 19c to 18c, humidity from 65% to 60% no change on NSPanel Pro.. I can see slight humidity change in the APP but still no history…

SNZB-02D Sensor readings in the eWeLink APP

I guess I’ll have to be more patient – not one of my better skills.. yes you can change the name of the display and what units it uses for temperature.

Nope – I’m not following this… 2 readings in eWeLink APP – taken half an hour apart.. why no history? I’ve asked Sonoff to comment.

AND – I added a thermostat to NSPanel Pro – it accepted the new temperature sensor showing the temperature you see on the right… but originally showed a humidity of 0.0%… but then as if my magic – an upgrade for NSPANEL Pro – see the video.


5 thoughts on “Sonoff SNZB-02D Zigbee LCD Update

  1. Hi Pete,
    I have an Nspanel Pro with an SNZB-02D temp sensor, it pairs fine and reports data. However it is not possible to set the sensor as a thermostat, it simply does not show up in the ewelink app.
    Sonoff told me it is not possible to use it as a thermostat but in your video I can see that is possible.

    So, could you please tell me what is the way you did?
    Thanks a million,

  2. Some of the AliExpress sensors — particularly Xiaomi Mijia and compatibles — can be reflashed with alternative firmware (see, for example, that adds new features and changes existing ones, such as setting the temperature range for the “Comfort Indicator” icon.

    1. Go on – which models and with what? There are a number of sensors which I could not get to work with Zigbee2MQTT – if they can be changed – that could be a good thing. I have some iHORN sensors which won;t work with Zigbee2MQTT and I don’t have the skills to write convertors…

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