SoundLiberty 80 Bluetooth 5 Noise-Cancelling Earbuds

The part number of these delightful AI Noise-cancelling earbuds is TT-BH080. I was supposed to review these over Christmas 2020 but they were shipped to the UK where I would have been had it not been for Covid! I’m in Spain and they were sent along with some other good stuff by Sun Valley as a Christmas package – thanks, guys – sorry for the delay.

First things first – they LOOK good. The BOX looks good, the charging container looks good – the earbuds look good.

Volume levels are MORE than adequate. I should have entitled this “Honest reviews with Pete” – so here it is. Personally I didn’t take to them as the sound was a little muffled for me (bearing in mind I am in my 60’s and need a little boost on the high end (which of course I could get with an equaliser but my Blitzwolf’s work just fine for me).

The manufacturer is according to the box) “Shenzhen NearbyExpress Technology Development Co. Ltd” but I believe the actual name used is Tautronics – see below. The buds have English-audio speech for pairing and they are capable of significant output. So, to put my above comments in perspective – I use Blitzwolf buds which I love. My wife who is also in her 60s uses a different model of Blitzwolf earbuds which she loves – but she DID like the output of the SoundLiberty 80 buds. We both use Xiaomi mobiles as the audio source.

I invited my slightly younger neighbour over with his Apple iPhone and HE said the SoundLiberty buds sounded great – so I guess as always with audio there’s an element of personal preference. These buds retail (in the USA) at $79.99 – currently on sale at Tautronic for $54.99 – that’s €46.75 in Euros.

For those who want to take this further – here’s the Tautronic link. They didn’t give it to me, no link back – do what you will with it – all sorts of information on the earbuds.


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