Spring Connector Wire Clamp Terminal Block

tmpABE4tmp8706This is just too good NOT to share. Now if you’re already using these, my apologies – but as some of you know I’ve been living in a cave for several years (ok, so it has Internet)…  anyway, like most old people, I use choc-block (shown on the right) ALL THE TIME for wiring just about everything. It is ok for mains wires, low voltage wires but a bit naff for things like LEDs and LDRs and other toys with thin leads, then there’s the other kind with bent metal inside which is good for thin leads but which you have to keep poking with a screwdriver.

And so it was that I was idling around in Ebay and I spotted these (shown on the left).  http://goo.gl/FwR2Sj

No, I didn’t get free samples and they’re not relatives and I haven’t spoken to anyone etc… I just spotted them on Ebay and took a chance and ordered 10 for £3 (free postage).

All I can say to you is – get your wallet out – and buy some – they are WONDERFUL.

So basically about the size of 2-part choc-block and they even have the mounting hole in the middle – this is push-to-fit choc-block.  It is equally happy with mains wire as it is a very delicate ORP-12 temperature sensor – this is a game-changer for me – at 30p a set it’s a no-brainer.

Next job is to make up a load of leads with these on the end – for power supplies, test kit etc… something else to make my life easy.


19 thoughts on “Spring Connector Wire Clamp Terminal Block

  1. The original Sonoff units came with a pair of these connectors. I was initially sceptical but found them to actually be OK 🙂

    1. Those Wago connectors and Wago box look great. I wish they had been available 25 years ago when I split my ring main into two (upstairs and downstairs).
      It is great the snippits of info you find following this blog. Thanks to Peter for creating it.

      1. For those interested here is a guy testing Wago connectors under high (out of spec) loads :-

        1. Groan – I’m beginning to think I’m the only person left in the world that doesn’t have a FLIR camera.

    1. Hmm and I wonder where they get that stuff made… China probably. I’ve been in electronics all my life (I started with it as a hobby some 50 years ago and still going strong – and only electrocuted myself a couple of times – ok maybe 10 times) and the units I showed you are just as well suited to 240v as normal choc-block – now having said that because of the spring connection it won’t handle the same current but I don’t think I’d be worried about putting several hundred watts through it. I’m thinking wiring up modern low-current LED lighting they will probably work a treat.

    2. Exactly, not suitable for higher voltages. The plastic casing is a bit too short, so the metal contacts are almost protruding out, especially from one side. Nevertheless, they are great for safe voltages, they keep the wire very strong and I use them for about a half year now with great success.
      For mains voltage I always use Wago spring lever terminals. The are priceless.

      1. You can never have enough of a good thing 😉
        (I ordered 20 myself.. hahaha.. there is spring-sale on Ali & I ordered on my phone -starting to sound like my wife now-… 20 for 2,36€)

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