Stone Technology 7″ Intelligent TFT Displays

This week I received a very well packed 7″ TFT display from Beijing Stone Tecnhology Co. Ltd. The 800*600px colour display shown below came complete with a power/signal lead (and a spare), USB adaptor for programming (with 12v power socket which, it seems, will tolerate 6v to 35v DC, not tested yet), long USB lead and a host of information. Power consumption is claimed to be under 3w. Serial speed is anything from 1200 baud to 921600bps.

At first glance, these might look familiar to users of Itead Nextion displays. Certainly did to me but as I start to read, there is a LOT of information available in English and these are definitely industry-oriented.

STVC070WT-01 7" Display from Stone Technology

As you can see in these images, the adaptors are using mini-USB to connect the adaptor to your development PC.

On the display board itself are mini-USB and USB-A connectors for software download and USB storage respectively. There are also connectors for external keyboard and an audio port.

The company do three different classes of display (I for Industrial, A for Advanced, C for Civil) where the I-type are the only ones classified as “visible in sunlight” High Brightness.

As I have the C-class it is as well that I’m not planning to use this in brilliant sunshine:-) All come with 3-year (replace by new) warranties. My display has a touch screen. As you can see there is a connector on the display board for a battery for RTC use – the battery is not fitted.

The Adaptor board needs 12vDC input to power the display board,

Stone Technology Display

The company claim that the unit can be controlled by any MCU via a simple command set and powerful GUI design software. I’ll soon put that to the test and update this entry accordingly.

If you want more information, here are email and web links. I was planning on putting up a bunch of info but as the company has sent so much I may as well just give you the links…

1. STONE TOOL box ´╝łGUI Design software - link)
2. 16 short Introductory Videos in English of course (downloads) 
The videos look easy to grasp and this download comprises lots of comprehensive Product Model Information  
3. User Manual and User Development Guide
4. A series of Application Notes
5. Automation Control Development Tutorial 
5. Project Development Record 

In fact, there is so much info in those links for those needing displays for commercial use, you could take up a career dedicated to reading it all – including ISO, CE, ROHS and FCC certificates – I’ll leave that to others.

The company sent me an interesting project link – here it is.

I didn’t get the Bezel but these are available.