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Sunday Alexa Post

WELL! You learn something new every day. Just had a call from a pal of mine (we both have multiple Amazon Alexa units around the house). Not only can you now call the thing “computer” – but one can now call the other…   so “Alexa, call house” rings the house Alexa from my office and makes an Intercom call – love it.

I really do wish they’d offer way more flexibility with keyword naming however. It is pretty much impossible to hold a Skype conversation about the subject without using the word “Alexa” at which point the units on either side of the call start apologising. I can’t imagine “computer” is the best idea either…

Imagine the conversation…. “Yup, I was just upgrading the computer the other day”. “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand…”

A key word like abracadabra might be nice – something you don’t use umpteen times a day.