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C ? Construct

For the LIFE of me I do not know why this statement is failing.  There are two versions of settings for port outputs here – the one in red and the one in blue. If I choose the blue version it will only work in one direction, not the other.

If I choose the version in red – it works full stop.

The same ? construct is used in sending messages out and that works perfectly. This is C programming in Eclipse for the ESP8266 chips… “intvalue” is just the number 0 or 1


else if (strcmp(token,"out2")==0)
            if (sysCfg.out_4_status!=intvalue) { sysCfg.out_4_status=intvalue; do_update=1; } // only update if actual change

            if (sysCfg.out_4_status==1) GPIO_OUTPUT_SET(LED_GPIO_4, OUT_ON); // on or off by default
            else GPIO_OUTPUT_SET(LED_GPIO_4, OUT_OFF);

            //GPIO_OUTPUT_SET(LED_GPIO_4, (sysCfg.out_4_status==1) ? OUT_ON : OUT_OFF); // doesnt work - don't know why
            strcpy(token,tBuf); strcat(token,"/out2"); MQTT_Publish(client, token,(sysCfg.out_4_status==0) ? "OFF" : "ON" ,(sysCfg.out_4_status==0) ? 3 : 2, 0, 0);

Thoughts anyone? I must’ve been starting at this for too long.