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ESP8266 and Nextion Updates

This one will be on-going.. so the plan was to write a blog about the latest version of our little ESP-12 board and it working with the new Nextion display board.

But as happens in life from time to time, it all went wrong at the Nextion end. However…

BoardOur board: We have updated our little ESP8266 board. Minor to be sure – we’ve added the ability to use an RGB serial LED as the indicator and some other minor items like fixing a missing track on the RGB LED. This board works – no cut tracks, no extra wires  – it is absolutely bang-on. In the image to the right you can see the RGB LED bottom left (LED2), extra grounds (bottom) compared to the last model but one – and of course the DHT22 connector introduced in the last revision.

The adc divider is now on the underside of the board and the “adc-div” is around 4k7 for 20v peak – I use it to measure battery voltage. for software see the home control 2016 project in this blog.

The files for this board are here including Eagle and images for viewing. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/5yw140y6l7f6b8s/AAAbi4dGwyMTGmGPrK6_F5mxa?dl=0

The Nextion: I received the latest board from iTead, the NX4024K032_11 which is supposed to be faster and better than the old model Nextions (which, for those reading this freshly – are touch-sensitive serial display boards suitable for a wide range of projects) and I updated the Nextion editor to the latest version.

I had a little difficulty at first because their downloadable editor now insists you tell it the exact model of board – I’d not seen that before. So off I went and made a display with a single button which would send back “Hello” when pressed.

Took me a couple of attempts as I had the serial wiring the wrong way around – anyway, eventually I did the update.  It did not seem to be returning quite what I’d imagined it would so I went in to make changes in the editor. This time around, I could not blow the update. The editor kept coming back saying “Forced interrupt!” no matter what I did. As it happens I have a virgin older design of board – the NX3224T024 – I did the same thing –  and lo – THAT is now dead. I’ve written to the designers and am awaiting an answer, nothing in the last couple of days and I’ve seen others with this problem. Right now the only way to get around it is to put the compiled file from the Nextion editor into an SD card, insert that into the Nextion board and apply power at which point it copies the image across. A LOT faster than using serial but then a lot more messy if you are making frequent changes. On the other hand it means I don’t have to keep disconnecting the board from our test board.

What can I say, everything works as it should do – our board can send commands to the Nextion display and accept input back. For test conditions I set our board to serial2 at 56k {set_serial:2} and created a blank template on the Nextion with 2 buttons – one of which has the pressed command get “nodered~up” and the other get “nodered~down”.  When our board sees incoming with a tilde – it splits the string into two – i.e.  topic and payload – and hence sends a message up or down to the topic nodered via MQTT – easily picked up in Node-Red by the MQTT node.

So no surprises – all works – I did spot a minor error in my manual for the “to_nextion” command – now fixed. So all tested – both old and new Nextion boards, able to both send and receive info to the little blue board.