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ESP 32 Unofficial Development Kit

Michael Grigorev has released a Beta version of Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP32 (Windows)

From Michael:

The kit includes the following components and tools:
* Unofficial GCC compiler for SoC Xtensa L108.
* Official Espressif ESP32 RTOS SDK v1.1.0
* Documentation for SoC ESP32.
* Examples in the firmware source code in C language.
* Additional tools for working with boards based on the ESP32.

Instructions for installing and configuring the Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP32:
1. Download (114Mb) and install my Unofficial Development Kit for Espressif ESP32.
2. Download and install the Java Runtime x86 (jre-7uXX-windows-i586.exe)
3. Download and install Eclipse Mars x86 to develop in C ++ (eclipse-cpp-mars-R-win32.zip). Unpack the archive to the root of drive C.
4. Download and install MinGW. Run mingw-get-setup.exe, the installation process to select without GUI, ie uncheck "... also install support for the graphical user interface".
5. Download the (84Mb) my scripts to automate the installation of additional modules for MinGW.
6. Run from my file install-mingw-package.bat. He will establish the basic modules for MinGW, installation should proceed without error.
7. Start the Eclipse Luna from the directory c:\eclipse\eclipse.exe
8. In Eclipse, select File -> Import -> General -> Existing Project into Workspace, in the line Select root directory, select the directory C:\Espressif\examples\ESP32 and import work projects.
9. Edit the Makefile, correct COM port number in the parameter ESPPORT and SPI_SIZE_MAP.
Further, the right to select the Make Target project, such as esp32_hello_world and run the target 'all' the compile project, while in the console window should display the progress of the build. Run the target 'flash' for burn firmware.

Official website of the ESP 32 unofficial development project