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Espressif New Board

imageWell we know that the ESP8266 replacement will have Bluetooth low energy, a different architecture and more RAM – something to look forward to – so now here’s a sneak preview – this is not the latest PCB but it’s better than nothing I’m sure you’ll agree.

So we’re looking at something with a few more pins than we’re used to and very little else – I’m seeing a crystal – I’m not seeing EXTERNAL flash or RAM here so one can only assume that it is internal this time? I’m looking forward to seeing more of the new wireless SoC with two Tensilica L108 cores and called ESP32. So, faster WIFI, Bluetooth, dual core, low power improvements, more peripherals, more RAM, better security and simplified APIs and approaching 40 I/O lines (though I’m only seeing 37 actual edge connections in total on that board) -  what more could you want.

Do you know more? If so – spill the beans!!! Unlike some posts I’ve seen this is not a random image – it was supplied to me by Espressif themselves for your entertainment! Oh – here’s a link with some useful info… http://esp32.com/  also a contribution by reader Rudi here -  http://esp32.de/#rev2