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ESP32 Arrival

And here it is – the ESP32 – or rather the ESP-32 development kit. Mine is in a batch that is running late so my pal has given me his to play with.


I figured I’d take a pic in my hand so you can gauge size. This tiny box is what you get – and inside it – precious little! As you ESP32will see below, you get the ESP32 board itself and an adaptor – complete with pins – so you can do some prototyping – so the first thing you’re going to need here is a fine soldering iron bit and some fine solder as the two boards solder together with some pretty close connectors – you should be able to better see these boards by clicking on the image for a larger version.

And that is what comes in the box – no instructions, nothing – next step is to find out what to actually do with this stuff – can’t wait to get my first flashing light running – I can see another learning curve coming on. A link or something would have been nice…