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The Best Laid Schemes

“The best laid schemes of mice and men”… well, there’s a lesson here. I left Spain a few weeks ago with a Raspberry Pi running the watering system and more  – I had a hard drive to ensure the MYSQL database would not screw up the SD, I had checks for lost connectivity to reboot the board – etc etc and I have a more or less identical system here without the hard drive.

This morning in the early hours, both systems sent me an email to say that they were storing the log CACHE as they do every day… and that was the last I heard from the Spanish Pi.  I’ve just checked my remote cameras and they’re working – which means the mains is on – and the WIFI is working – but not a PEEP out of the Pi. I’ve various ports enabled so I can access it by VNC or WinSCP or the Node-Red setup – none of them are working.

So – I’m back there soon and the plants will be fine as someone will check up on them for me – but a lesson to be learned – clearly the Pi needs some kind of independent watchdog able to reboot it. I’m thinking perhaps if I set up a node-red job to read something from the web and if successful toggle a bit.. maybe every 5 minutes. That in turn will keep a little stand-alone ESP8266 or Arduino from rebooting the Pi….

What do you think?

Incidentally, the new ESP8266 SDK 1.11 is working fine and after looking all over for updated docs I’ve just realised they are in the SDK itself!!