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Temperature variations

How useful is this MQTT-SPY turning out to be – I had no idea I had such temperature variations from my DS18B20 – ok it looks worse than it is due to the limited range of the graph but I really do need to do some averaging!! This is just 1,147 readings at 5 second intervals. No way I would have spotted this without this easy to use (and free) software… now I sound like an advert.


graphing MQTT SPY



There’s a new MQTT-SPY out – here http://kamilfb.github.io/mqtt-spy/ This program has been invaluable to me throughout all the time I’ve been testing and learning about MQTT. It sits on my desk running constantly and never falls over. Properly set up it can send timed messages out and coming soon – logging graphs – the author is very helpful – and it’s free – what more could you ask for.