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Node Red Dashboard

node-red-dashboardAs regular readers and fans of node-red will know, I’ve been a fan of node-red-contrib-ui for some time – I wrote about adding security to it some time ago and until Imperihome came to my attention I was developing pages based on this.  But, sadly the fellow developing it ran out of time I guess. One day he was working hard on it – the next – nothing.

Some time ago I became aware that the Node-Red guys were developing this and today they announced that Node-Red-Dashboard was available on NPN.

If you have node-red-contrib-ui on your Node-Red installation – and are not using it – simple uninstall.

I stopped Node-Red, in a terminal went to my .node-red directory and..

npm remove node-red-contrib-ui

npm install node-red-dashboard

node-red-dashboard[8]node-red-dashboard[6]That simple really, at least it was for me – unless you’ve heavily invested in the former there is no point in keeping it any more as development has stopped. So – what’s new – well, it is early days, if you don’t like simple light or dark – well, that’s unfortunate because right now you have two  theme options – but that’s a start and the gauge and graphs shown above right took seconds to set up with this simple set of nodes – a couple of injectors firing out 2 numbers – and the gauge and graph nodes – that’s it.

Dashboard looks remarkably similar to node-red-contrib-ui and time will tell how compatible it is but the gauge alone has been markedly improved and is lovely – you can control size, there are four different types of gauge – it  really is easier to try it out than to discuss.  There is now a simple dashboard on the right of the Node-Red web page to allow you to re-arrange items by drag and drop – this is a great improvement.

You’ll be making simple pages of imagery in no time – as for actually making worthwhile dashboards – well I suspect that will be down to how good the documentation is.


Let us know your experiences with this.