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Node Red Modules

node-red-nodesAll now published – though I now use a function for thermostatic functions so for me the last one is a bit redundant – but big-timer is my all time favourite I’m using all over the place and I use esplogin to watch out for units logging in – like this...

typicalI’ve even put them in their own column so you know which ones to avoid Smile

So assuming you know how to grab Node-Red nodes and are familiar with them – go to your .node-red directory. 

In my case it is /root/.node-red  and enter “npm install node-red-contrib-xxxxx” where xxxx is the name of the node – and that pretty much does it – the good thing about grabbing nodes this way, if the author does an update – you just do that again and you get the latest version.

I’ve not yet put most of these in repositories but then once you have them – you have the source code anyway… if you don’t want them sitting in their own “scargill” section – go (carefully) into the .js file, find “scargill-input” and change it to… well, “advanced-input” or similar – restart Node-Red and Bob’s your uncle.

We need a lot more people writing nodes – so many possibilities…