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OWSOO 801 1080p WiFi IP Camera

I've had security cameras here in Spain and in the UK for many years. My original cameras, low cost Chinese models here in Spain, finally started to give up this year after around 8 years of reliable service. I chose the Owsoo 801 (also referred to as KKMoon) ONVIF cameras as replacements.Owsoo camera

Not exactly household names – and there are many cheap Chinese models out there… why these? Well, they are not waterproof but they DO have remote movement control. Together with a roof overhang here in Spain of around 8” I find this to be a good combination and the similar looking Tenvis models before them, lasted for years in the same conditions these will meet. . At first I realised I could not get to the MAC number of these which I felt might make it difficult to access them remotely.

Then I remembered my router has VPN server capability and the problem of external access went away.

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