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Slampher unfolded

Just a quick one for those familiar with reprogramming the Sonoff devices…. the Slampher product.. you’ll have seen me ranting about Sonoffs – the incredibly low-priced mains control boards (no – I don’t work for them – but you cannot beat their price for WIFI controlled relay units) – and I’ve just updated my software so their green light works a little better (it’s still mighty dim). Well, I decided to tackle the Slampher unit I have lying around.

Unlike Sonoff which you need to wire mains into and out of – this has a standard screw lamp socket and you plug a bulb into it. Provided you can handle the extra length this creates it’s a nice unit but of course as usual I wanted my own software and not theirs.

Easy – 2 small screws out – see R21?  Move it to R20 and now the long pushbutton is GPIO0 (I’m assuming you’re not interested in the radio remote control – just WIFI).

At that point there’s a 4 way connection just like the Sonoff – from your FTDI – ground, serial, serial 3v3.  A little white mark on the PCB 4-way connector marks 3v3 – so from there backwards … FTDI 3v3, FTDI TX, FTDI RX, FTDI GND.