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IOT Speech recognition

Here’s a thought – now this might be available – but I can’t find it..

Most of us have phones – some Android, some Apple, few Microsoft. So sticking with Android for now – the latest Android phones (I have the HTC One M8 with Android 6.0 which is marvellous) handle speech recognition well.  “Remind me to turn the cooker off in 5 minutes”.  Mind you it never did actually remind me but never mind.

So all of that works.. but what would be REALLY NICE – if the same exact thing could recognise “NODERED”..

So how about “NODERED turn kitchen light on”.

ALL that is needed is for that entire sentence – but only sentences that begin with NODERED – to end up being sent by whatever – MQTT maybe – to the Node-Red installation – from there the most trivial of line parsers could figure out what you were trying to achieve – and do it for you.

SEE THIS UPDATE: https://tech.scargill.net/from-zero-to-star-trek/