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The Death of S6D02A1 Displays?

S6D02A1 Alive and Well?

That title as it happens was a bit premature. Those of you who have been following this blog for sometime will know that the ESP-GO project supports, amongst others, little LCD displays based around the S6D02A1 chip – and has done from the beginning. This VERY inexpensive display is full colour and supports 160 x 128 pixels.

For a while, it seemed to have gone out of favour as a scour around the web for a while including AliExpress showed none of these, only alternatives which are more expensive.

Meanwhile, I ordered a sample ST7735-based board from Ebay at £2.77, GREAT but the overall size is slightly wider. There are drivers for Raspberry Pi out there, I’m not sure but I’ve not seen S6D02A1 drivers for the Pi – anyone know better?

Meanwhile, one reader said he had found an AliExpress ad for the S6D02A1 boards and since then I’ve found several, as low as £2.51 + 13p shipping to the UK. Here’s an example: https://tech.scargill.net/yourls/s6d02a1

I know some other readers use these, too. If anyone has a half decent S6D02A1 driver for the Pi (Python) do let me know.  ESP-GO supports this display.