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Windows 10–the Missing bits

Slight diversion as I’ve just been upgrading my PCs to Windows 10 and a friend of mine pointed me to changes as against previous versions – i.e. what’s missing from Windows 10.

Here I’ll take a look and give my comments. Firstly I should say as a hardware-oriented guy I have lots of things stuck into my PC like FTDIs and other SUB gadgets and I have noticed absolutely no difference from Windows 8.1 – i.e. everything still works – so that’s a good start.

So – automatic updates – apparently home users will be forced to take updates – that’s not a bad idea IMHO – the amount of people I know who don’t trust Microsoft, refuse all updates then wonder why their PC has a collapsed through nasties… if it is that important, make sure you get the PRO version or better where the option will still remain.

Media Centre (or Center as they call it) is also gone. I don’t know about you but I can’t remember the last time I turned that on – if I want something like that I use Plex or similar.

No more Hearts… shocking – but there are many alternatives out there.

Desktop gadgets – surely that was abandoned in Windows 8.

No more floppy disks – seriously – do people still use floppy disks? DVDs apparently now need separate playback software. I’m assuming VLC will do that job. I don’t know about you but I install VLC by default on any new machine anyway because the Microsoft Media Player is/was pants.

And finally – Edge – the new browser. I’m guessing most people in here hated Internet Explorer anyway. I’ve not done exhaustive tests but Edge looks fine to me. However I’ll continue to use Google for browsing and search engine as always.

Did I miss any major omissions in Windows 10?

I DO like the new menu – I was using POKKI to replace the hated Windows 8 menu but that just is not necessary any more. A good job I reckon.