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I wonder if any Tasmota fans out there have any thoughts on something I’ve pondered many times but never put into print until now? So… I just updated a smartbulb from Tasmota dev version v9.3.0.1 to v9.3.1.2 using the web OTA. My screen showed the usual OTA lag after the upgrade to minimal – but then seconds later updated to show the latest version. See right.

The bulb in question was (my naming) costco-1 – an RGBW bulb I bought maybe a year ago as part of a package of two identical lights. The second is called costco-2 and the version and status is identical – as was the version and status before this morning’s update..

The only thing is, the second bulb update resulted in a page timeout in my browser. I ended up with a blank screen and no screen refresh to the new version. I waited around 3 minutes at which point the bulb magically lit up. Seconds later I hit REFRESH on my browser and the update showed up – so all is well… but why the difference given that the versions and products are identical? Hmm.

Update April 22, 2020: Tasmota 9.4.0 “Leslie” is now out. Check this page. Looks like some worthwhile improvements generally.


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  1. i usually get long update times when my devices are connected to the wrong wifi signal (i’ve 3 ap but tasmota only uses 2)… so 1st thing i do, via tdm, is be sure they’re connected to the nearer, stronger signal…

  2. As long as you have 8.2 or later of Tasmota installed you can upgrade using the zipped (gz) version of the binary – this should avoid the need to have the minimal intermediary stage

    1. MMM… so I just updated http://air-conditioning.broadband – – and my OTA page on that device is set to use http://ota.tasmota.com/tasmota/tasmota.bin.gz

      “Start upgrade – device will restart in a few seconds” – several seconds later – “Minimal firmware – please upgrade –” – I came back 10 minutes later and the PC was still showing the “Minimal firmware – please upgrade –” page. But a quick “refresh” switched to the proper upgraded page – no idea why it didn’t ultimately refresh the page itself – and it is using the .gz suffix.

      My “cabinet.broadband” board on …. I hit the “update firmware” after checking that it again was using the GZ version… when I hit “upgrade firmware”, after several seconds I got “site cannot be reached” from Chrome”. That updated itself after several more seconds to the same thing…. “site cannot be reached”. Then maybe a minute later I got the full page back showing the original version – no intermediate page this time, just the old one. I left it untouched and maybe 3 minutes later I hit “refresh” and again the page appeared…. I hit “upgrade” again… “this site cannot be reached….

      I waited 5 minutes…and took a look in TDM – all looked ok (but not upgraded), but no change in the browser – I hit browser refresh – the page came up no problem. The OTA link in the 3 boards is identical… I copied and pasted to ensure there were no typos or spaces etc…

      This time – cabinet – the page came back almost immediately…. After a minute – I hit REFRESH – and got the “This site cannot be reached” page. Sfter 3 minutes – the page came back all on it’s own, surviving a refresh. In other words no way was this board going to update by OTA…

      SO I went to the same OTA site link and grabbed both tasmota and tasmota-minimal – gz versions for local use. and selected the local update option… minimal gave “success” – then “this site cannot be reached”.

      TDM showed a red cross for cabinet for minutes…. after maybe 5 minutes, tdm showed cabinet as minimal – the web page still showed “cannot be reached” so I hit refresh on the web page…suer enough – minimal – I went to the OTA upgrade option…. site cannot be reached (twice) … 5 minutes later I hit refresh again – minimal – please upgrade… so I went to try the ota upgrade – “site cannot be reached”. TDM said no (red cross”). Coffee.. minimal was again showing… update by local .gz file “upload started” – “upload succesful” – seconds later the full appeared in the web browser and survived refresh.

      Something very wrong here.

      I should have made a video of the whole process I guess.. 🙂

        1. Well, I got there in the end but I can’t help thinking that as I’ve seen nothing in the release notes about change to OTA, it would be reasonable to expect consistently reliable OTA unless there is something wrong – maybe signal strength dependent or other issue that only affects some installations.. the first two boards (costco-1 and costco-2) both show green signal in TDM, the cabinet board is in another room and shows orange.. but then as far as the board is concerned, signal strength is the same if doing OTA or local file – timings will of course be different.. oh well, at least it didn’t involve ripping boards down from cabinets/shelves etc.

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