Just a quick note to those of you who come in here, are constructive and offer help and hopefully sometimes take away information… thanks for taking the time – and thanks for putting up with the name change of the blog – which got me away from reliance on  I’m not AT ALL new to technology having built my first radio back in the 60s.. but as you’ll see I’m new to Raspberry Pi and many aspects of Linux and will continue to ask dumb questions – hopefully dumb enough that others looking for answers will find them.


13 thoughts on “Thanks

  1. I agree, reading your blog is very interesting. Especially as we (like many others) are embarking on a similar project with the ESP8266.

    I have never been one to write about my projects as I am by no means a super developer. But you have inspired me to look at starting a blog to record my Home Automation projects and associated systems. Which hopefully may get off the ground this weekend.

    1. Good luck with that – the added benefit of writing your own blog is that you have a place to check for the fixes that people have helped come up with. It’s not only others that use my blog as a reference sometimes – I do as well 🙂

      1. Thanks Peter. We will see how it goes. I got the blog up over the weekend although still need to get the first few posts out the door.

  2. No Probs Pete, I’ve got this site permanently open in a tab now as I am learning a lot and finding it very useful/interesting.

    Keep up the good work.

    As a suggestion/request, I think it would really help other people like me looking to learn how to program the ESPs etc if you had a section of this blog dedicated to your example code, or maybe a github account.



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