Brave Browser and Annex WIFI RDS

Brave BrowserWell, not THAT new, “Brave” has been around for long enough to reach the release version (which apparently came out in April 2019) and it appears to work well. It isn’t so much about a stunningly different browser as the fact that we’ve had the same choices now for a long time. I’ve briefly tested “Brave” on my 64-bit Windows PC and Android 9 mobile phone, with a little theming it makes for a slightly interesting new experience.

FasterKey claims are that “Brave” is faster than Chrome (up to 2x on PC, 8x on mobile) and blocks ads by default. Time will tell how well that works – it FEELS faster. The browser is freely available and open source, based on the Chromium web browser and announced by the co-founder of the Mozilla project.  Right now I’m playing it by ear to see if this is truly better than Chrome.

Annex WIFI RDSThe second thing to come to my attention recently is “Annex WIFI RDS” for ESP8266 – no comments at this time other than bringing it to your attention for those interested in ESP8266 development.