The Genius Artillery 3D Printer – Amazing

Genius Artillary 3D Printer

I’ve been continually putting off assembling this Genius printer because I’ve assembled 3D printers in the past and what a nightmare they can be unless you have a workshop with plenty of space.

Genius packaging and manual front cover

At last, this morning I dug up the courage to open the box and checked out the manual. I was stunned – virtually no assembly required. Right now (July 9, 2021) it is most likely on sale at the “Banggood Deposit Sale“.

Think I’m kidding about assembly? I opened the box and put all the parts on the floor – it turns out that most of the parts are SPARES. I carefully lifted up the main pre-assembled gantry and positioned on the pre-assembled base. Perfect fit.

4 bolts connect the base of the Genius to the gantry

I noted 5 large bolts in a pack – one’s a spare so only 4 bolts to insert in order to fix the gantry to the base – and of course, ALLEN keys are provided.

The manual said (on page 4) M4 x 45 (5 pcs) and on page 5 M5x40 (4pcs) but other than that, everything looked pretty straight-forward.

4 connectors required connecting from the base to the gantry – and within 15 minutes of opening the box I had all of that done and the almost ready printer sitting on my one remaining worktop.

Pretty-much assembled Genius Artillery 3D Printer

I fastened on the spool holder and connected the lead to the “filament runout sensor”.

And that, ladies and gentlemen is where I am now. I bought a large reel of red filament for a previous printer some time ago but the centre hole size is WAY too big for the spool holder supplied with the Genius.

Meanwhile I am truly amazed at the ease of putting together and this is the first time I’ve seen absolutely every tool needed along with lots of spare parts and a decent manual (I’ve not even check online – I’m sure the Banggood site will point to much more information).

There was a note in the manual to tighten up anything that was loose – in my case, nothing was.

Next: Off to Amazon I guess for a reel I can use and then I’ll come back with more. The manual mentions several “slicers” and gives details of one package “Repetier Host”. After 18 easy pages, the manual changes languages – several European languages are included.


4 thoughts on “The Genius Artillery 3D Printer – Amazing

  1. I wouldn’t worry about the hole size on the filament spool being too big, they usually still work fine as long as they can rotate. You can also find adapters that fill the space if you look around.

    1. I could well be missing the point (it’s early, got woken up by builders digging up our front garden)… but if I try my one and only reel if falls straight onto the out-of-filament sensor. I’ll have another look when the builers stop digging. Thanks for the feedback, Jason.

      1. Ahh ok that is more of a problem. I meant where the post on the spindle is much smaller than the hole in the reel. That can cause some minor issues with extruder tension if it adds resistance, but usually it doesn’t matter. If it’s interfering with the filament sensor however that is indeed an issue.

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