The M5 Stack

M5StackThe M5 Stack looks to be a reasonable use of the ESP32 and for those who need to start from a boxed product with display, it might just have a bright future.

In a nutshell this is a pretty looking ESP32-based box with display and buttons. Do with it what you will. It needs low voltage and the basic unit comes with internal battery supply. instructions, 0.1” pin leads and a USB C lead for charging and serial connection.

The M5 Stack Extensible Micro Control Module WiFi Bluetooth ESP32 Development Kit or Core Module —  (update September 2021 – see M5Stack Core 2 article as this original M5Stack has been upgraded – and is now quite useful)
Arduino Compatible SCM & DIY Kits —

M5 stackI just HAD to order one and so I thought I’d put a note in here for people into the ESP32 and I’m already seeing responses including a useful note from Bob H and comments from others.  All in all I’m already convinced I need this gadget on my hallway wall even though I’m not yet entirely sure what to do with it. Perhaps people who are ahead of me might write in soon to save me re-inventing the wheel.

M5Stack CoreFor now I can learn all about it, in the Autumn when returning to the UK it could just end up as a useful central display for what will be a brand new Raspberry-Pi and ESP-Go based control system as we’ve moved from one house to another, 5 miles down the road.

The basic box with 320×240 colour display is around £27.48 sterling with free post (or not, depending where you live of course). Apart from Bluetooth, nothing I can’t do already with an ESP8266 but then it is all in a pretty box.

That has to be worth something as presentation is always an issue with home-brew IOT.

I’m counting on this box being able to do heavily customised MQTT messages from those 3 buttons. I hope I’m on the right track. 

For now it needs a good charge.

Original M5Stack first power up

Not sure yet what the first two errors mean but the SD error is easy enough, I’ve not inserted an SD so that’s reasonable. It clearly is picking up on my WiFi using it’s own firmware.


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  1. Howdy and hope you are well. The M5stack has a smaller format version available with colour screen battery etc. The price is the best part. Only 13 NZ dollars at the moment – the same as a bare esp32 module. Search for the M5stickC on Banggood.

  2. Finally got round to trying out the Ulflow online development IDE and it’s really great to use…….. apart from the lack of documentation as per the rest of the site, I’m struggling to get MQTT working but as it links up via WiFi you can upload and run your code straight away.

  3. I got my hopes up when I saw “USB-C”, thinking I’d finally found something with a *proper* USB port (not just fixed to serial port) that I could implement gadgets on, and maybe also use as a host. Oh well. The search goes on.

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