The new ESP

In case you missed it – extracts from forum conversation with Swee Ann Teo, CEO of Espressif about the new chip – which I understand will have Bluetooth as well as WIFI and be a lot more powerful. Also in that discussion is a promise to support the existing chip for several years. New chip a little more expensive, existing chip a little cheaper!


“The overall architecture of the chip had been totally changed since ESP8266, and we are kind of relieved that it works….
And performance has been bumped up quite a bit! We are going to have 100Mbps sustained throughput, and EMMC interface as well. There is a lot more RAM, to go with that data rate. The same 7 external component BOM is still possible, and maybe less.
We measured about 400DMIPS on the new chip. WiFi uses less than 30DMIPS. I have no idea yet what the Hackers/Makers/Developers are going to do with that 370DMIPS and 100Mbps of data.….. we have seen hints that it can be very very low power. Low power chip design….. “

So – something to ponder – more when I know more.


4 thoughts on “The new ESP

  1. Let it’s a Cortex M7. Please! With the crypto module! Who needs the bluetooth? But an integrated LoRa sub 1GHz radio would totally be a game changer.

  2. The ESP8266 is an SOC, where the MCU design, the 106Micro, came from Tensilica and was developed by Tensilica in 2007. So I would guess Expressif will probably adopt for a more recent MCU from the same lineage.

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