The Oak by DigiStump

One of our readers has rightly pointed me to this new Kickstarter project – The Oak by Digistump ( which has a number of things going for it – potential approval, secure WIFI interfacing and programming and Arduino compatibility.

Indeed it is hard to fault this device other than when comparing with solutions from China, especially for the UK and the hobbyist, postage, VAT and other nasties might just take this away from the “low cost” arena. We’ll have to wait and see. It does however look like a winner…

Meanwhile now we have the SLIP interfacing from ESP-01 to Arduino I have some plans for this cheap combination – see the last blog on the subject….


13 thoughts on “The Oak by DigiStump

  1. I purchased 10 oaks for a little project I am working on and have been trying for a couple of weeks to get them functional. No luck with 2 cards until this morning. Plugged one in and went through the initialization process. It went through in about 1 minute and registered to my particle cloud account. I tried a second card with the exact same process and it won’t work. Tried a third card, no luck. This card is not ready for prime time and don’t expect it to be for awhile. I will go back to the photons. At least they work as expected. I sure was hoping these would work as advertised.

  2. Right I think I’ve got it working and boy what a b*ll ache!!
    The trick was having the ability to switch internet connections on and off, I used my hotspot on my phone (no security) to get connected initially then I could configure the Oak to connect to my WiFi router then I could see it in the oak.exe CLI then it flashed Blink from within Arduino IDE.

    Still no sign on but patience is a virtue…..

  3. Well, I’ve been trying for around 30 min’s and I can’t get anywhere with the Oak, I think the infrastucture is not yet in place for the particle OTA programming and the Arduino route won’t work because there’s no serial port created when you plug it into the PC.

    You can connect your phone to its WiFi that appears when powered up but the on-line configuration web page is useless because I no longer have an internet connection on my phone.

    I must be missing something really obvious here but ?????

    Let’s see how quick the forum support is.

    More soon…. I hope 🙂

  4. I backed the Oak campaign and have just received one of my Oaks, not yet tried it out but when I get the time I’ll try it out and let you know my thoughts.

    1. Excellent – I and no doubt others will look forward to it.

      I just had the urge to give the Orange Pi one more chance today and I’m sitting here going through the slow process of running my Pi script on it line by line..

  5. Far better to wait until it is released. For example it supports OTA updates, but doesnt say how much of the 1M flash is left.
    Erick also puts feelings before development. I had tried to help with improvements to the digispark t85 bootloader, but Erick nixed that after Jenna Fox took offence to one of my posts. Compare that with the Linux kernel where if someone complains about feelings Linus rightly tells them to take a flying leap.

  6. Unfortunately, that is the case with almost all KS projects. Understandable, because you otherwise collect a lot of spam, but regrettable.

  7. Well that’s DAFT, how are you supposed to know if you want to be a backer if you can’t ask questions!!??

  8. They said on their website it is secure but didn’t say what standards they are using. Is it SSL, how big are the allowed certificates, etc.? 

      1. Just wanted to post a question regarding security protocols however, only backers are allowed to ask a question :(. Thank you anyway!

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