The Umidigi F1 Smartphone

Updated June 14, 2019:

So many phones out there, so much choice, so much rubbish. When it came to updating my own phone last year, I took advice from my friend Antonio (Mr Shark) and went for the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 and as it turns out, it was good advice as the Pocophone is an absolute winner. More of that elsewhere.

Umidigi F1

Now it is my wife’s turn and recently we took delivery of the Umidigi F1 phone from Banggood.Photo taken with Umidigi F1

The phone arrived here safely in deepest rural Spain, tracked and on time along with a separately shipped glass screen protector. 16/4/2019 – Above image taken this morning with the F1 back camera – no adjustments or enhancements.

My experience from opening the Umidigi package through to actual phone use is that of a high-end model phone – from the boxing and thank-you card from Umidigi themselves through the packaging effort by Banggood and to the phone and accessories, everything looks top notch.

As I understand it, during part of April at least, Banggood had this phone at just under 170 Euros – OR  you could splash out on a new self-destruct flagship – the obscenely expensive Samsung Galaxy Fold that appears to be giving reviewers a hard time by inconveniently failing. 

The Umidigi F1 phone is black (they do other colours) and despite not being one of the more well-known names, the phone has a solid feel to it – but let’s skip the boring stuff and get to the meat of why this phone looks like a winner.

Now bear in mind that this is a low-cost phone  (I won’t even start comparisons with major brand names as I think Apple have lost the plot – £1000+ for a phone which will almost certainly get scratched within months and possibly get smashed in it’s first year, just seems like madness to me and I’ve already passed comment about Samsung’s self-destructing, folding flagship). So if you are in the market for a phone in the £150-£250 price bracket there are NO shortage of models out there and I’ve owned and reviewed quite a few, not all of which were good value.

Umidigi F1

Enough waffle, here it is –  a photo taken in full Spanish sunlight with the Umidigi F1…

By now you’re probably thinking “enough, let’s see some meat” – here you go:

128GB storage, 6.3” seamless waterproof display at 2340*1080, 19.5:9 aspect ratio, Helio P60 processor, 2Ghz operation, 4GB RAM, 5150maH battery with 18w fast charge, dual cameras on the back – 16MP and 8MP respectively), 16MP camera on the front, f1.7 aperture, ANDROID 9, NFC, Fingerprint and face unlock…. need I go on? I’m not going to expand on that feature set as I’ve included links at the bottom of this blog entry.

Almost no space is wasted on the front of the Umidigi F1,  the phone is all screen with very little wasted space. Charger and lead are included in the box.

A phone is a phone so they say and for me, I take basic operations like phone, WIFI and Bluetooth for granted. On top of that, I want (importantly) a decent battery, the latest, bloat-free Android, lots of storage and decent cameras as well as a high definition screen – the F1 has all of that. Here’s something to start the ball rolling.

The Dolly Lama as taken by the Umidigi F1 phone

Sharp as you like, one of my first photos with the F1. This simple shot was taken in our garden in Galera and features the Dolly Lama – what? You don’t have one? This delightful ornament (the yellow one) came from a local supplier back in the Northeast of England.

The photo below is taken at the highest resolution possible in 18:9 format (around 11MP) – I tend never to take old-style 4:3 photos (which would give higher resolution vertically of course, taking the phone camera up to 16MP).

Galera in April with Umidigi F1 phone

Nothing special here? Well, it WAS on and off very cloudy when I took the shot, not much I can do about that. See that white car over on the right? Here’s a blown-up segment from the same photo. Not too shabby for a budget phone and for my first session with the Umidigi F1 in far-from ideal conditions.

Close up of car

Here’s the little white car you see above far right. If I applied a little sharpening this would look even better, but here it is, unprocessed.

On the subject of batteries, the phone arrived with a 90% charged battery and I’ve been taking photos and installing apps on and off all day. It is now 6pm and the battery indicator has hardly moved, maybe down to 80-85% – more precision when I update this blog soon.

I’ll also do a short video to show the various camera modes (including Pro, video and bokeh) in action. The stock camera software does not include panorama but there’s an app for that – I don’t understand why that feature is missing but it certainly is. I checked video – up to 1920*1080 at full frame rate – 4K would have been nice, my Pocophone does the latter but then it does cost twice as much. Video and more photos when the weather picks up, hopefully in a few days (all the way to Spain and what happens? It rains).

Oh, did I mention the phone is dual SIM with the option to add up to 256GB of microSD? Personally I think the built-in 128GB is sufficient for my needs and we will no doubt be using both of those SIM slots at some point. Like most phones, SD expansion is not as flexible as the internal storage and so I find it best to go for the larger internal storage versions. For this phone we’ve been using GIFFGAFF in the UK and unsurprisingly, on first adding the GIFFGAFF SIM to the phone – nothing – no mobile data. I got up early one morning (30/04/2019) to address that. Simples – the phone had automatically added O2 as the API name for the SIM – WRONG. I changed that to GIFFGAFF.COM, rebooted the phone and was immediately greeted with mobile data. Next stop was checking out my VPNs and they too worked perfectly. Next stop, Sat-Nav (Google maps which needs both data and GPS location – that worked perfectly, too).

There is also a standard 3.5mm earphone socket and power/data transfer comes via USB C.

All in all the Umidigi F1 phone appears to be a good deal at the price. My only other slight gripe at the moment is that the last Android security upgrade on this phone (OTA) was January 2019 – the Pocophone is kept far more up to date.

And here are the links:
UMIDIGI F1 Android 9.0 Global Bands 4G Smartphone —
Glass Screen Protector For UMIDIGI F1 —

I should point out for those with a little more spending power, that Banggood also do the Umidigi S3 Pro (also using Android 9) and I hope to be looking at that in the very near future. Unlike the F1, the S3 Pro DOES have panorama mode built into the camera software.  It also has a 48Mpx rear camera and more. Lots more on that subject coming up soon. With our new HITS MOBILE contracts here in Spain (I’ve referred to that elsewhere) we’ll be making the best of the data-consuming features of our new phones as the weather here continues to improve…  and as a member the local camera group here I plan to promote the use of smartphones for photography both locally and online, as several models out there do a decent job. I hope to be able to report that the Umidigi models are good candidates.


21 thoughts on “The Umidigi F1 Smartphone

  1. Hello. The photographs I’ve taken on my Umidigi F1 are brilliant but I can’t seem to remove the Umidigi F1 name from the bottom left hand corner. Can you help please?

    1. Hi Helen

      Maybe someone else in here can help? I sold my Umidigi F1 a little while ago – the picture quality was indeed good but I got annoyed about lack of support for high-resolution 16:9 mode and could not get sense out of the designers – so, sorry, I can’t remember off the top of my head.. Do you mean in the actual photos or on the images – if the latter, it must be a watermark and that isn’t a default setting, so there will be a way to turn it off, my photos never had that or any other markings on the images. As an aside I’ve just figured out how to turn ON timestamps on pictures on my Xiaomi Pocophone – rather handy when I’m sending the installers images of my bust heating system.

      1. Hi guys,
        Hopefully this isn’t still an issue for you. In case it is and for internet posterity: to remove logo on pictures, open the camera app, choose the settings icon (2nd icon from left at the top, the cog wheel image), choose settings and the 3rd item down is “Logo Watermark” as a toggle switch; move to the left to turn it off.
        I have my Umidigi F1 nearly a year, and I still find it terrific, this logo “feature” appeared through a software update, confused me for a few pics and then I found the above steps.

  2. Hi,

    my name is Leo, I am Dutch, and I also live in Spain (Murcia province) and ordered my 4GB/128GB UmiDigi F1 today.
    Specs are not always the same depending on where you look , does your phone has the wireless charging?
    And what operator are you using if I may ask? I will be with Yoigo.



    1. My phone does not have wireless charging, I was not interested in that as it is slower than wired charging. I was using Simyo but scrapped them as they will only respond in Spanish and could never help. I’m now with HITS Mobile which I think offers good value. I only need 3GB as I am generally not far from WIFI… that and 100 national minutes (plus 1000 minutes hits to hits) is €4.90 a month. They have lots of other tariffs.

  3. Peter or Mr Sharky can you expand the 128 G memory on the phone and is very it 5G ready? Thank in advance hope you are well.

    1. Not sure on the 5G query, on 128GB memory, you can use SD to expand it but SD expansion is almost always more limited in operation than the internal storage, usually limited to data only. I prefer to stick with supplied storage.

      1. Strangely on Aliexpress it looks like all 128GB flash models only have 4GB Ram while 6GB Ram models only have 64GB.
        I would preferably go for the 6/64 configuration as you can still expand storage on SD for movies, large files,…
        Very interesting phone.
        Thanks for pointing it

  4. I was just at the point I needed a new battery in my phone and found it could not keep up with nowadays apps and that lead me to order this phone. I am not a heavy user but I like to have a bigger screen for easier reading. It is almost a 7-inch tablet. I will see when it comes what the customs charge will be!

  5. After looking at this on AliExpress I found the Umidigi F1 Play, seems to be same phone but with 6GB ram for $10 us more. Crazy! The Umidigi S3 looks amazing too. Thanks for bringing this brand to my attention.

  6. i love my pocophone f1… very fast, as big as my previous oneplus one (which lasted 4 years to me, 1st time in my life…), an impressive battery life (i can reach 2 days if needed, and FOR SURE i can have a VERY HEAVY day and reach night with a single charge)… 🙂

      1. Umidigi F1 appears to have stock Android 9 – can’t compare to other Umidigi as this is the first tim I’ve written about this brand.

    1. I love my Pocophone as well. Wishing now I’d gone foe the 128GB version, recall I was in a rush to get a phone last year before heading off to Spain.

    2. I do like my Poco F1 a lot, there really is a lot to like and I can’t fault the hardware and build for the price. That said I’m not a fan of Xiaomi’s MIUI that it ships with. Their implementation of notifications is basically one big bug that needs to be fixed asap.

      Personally I’d be happier if they gave up trying to maintain a boat load of bloaty Google copy cat apps that they ship with their MIUI rom and concentrated more on making MIUI better.

      I’ll probably root it to bin MIUI off eventually.

      1. my problem is now that i changed from stable to beta, and since next july 1st xiaomi will not release any more beta roms… so i’ve to revert to stable but don’t know if this will preserve all the data inside my phone or will it wipe it completely…

        1. On the Poco F1, I stuck with MIUI stable despite comments about it. Got the Pixel camera port, that works well. Last update to MIUI was 10.3.5 which includes the May Android patch. Beautiful new charging graphic appeared recently, looks like a neon tube. Overall can’t complain other than boring black colour but that’s minor. Next improvement I’m after.. matt glass fronts, I spend more time removing fingerprints on both the F1 phones than I care to think about…

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