As you do I just happened to be looking through the latest NODE offerings for Node-Red and spotted this little number – a thermostat node. Now I have my own controls for this and I’m happy with them but they’re generally done with code – and I saw this – read the explanation – it is remarkably simple and straight-forward – but looks like it will do a good job – and the example given is excellent – yes, it is added to “the script” along with a newly discovered database handler.



7 thoughts on “Thermostat

  1. Peter,

    It looks great and I would like to play with it.

    But I am not getting the “custom icons” part.

    Though I get that the user can use ANY icons/pictures/etc but the ones you use/have are good enough for me.

    I read you put them in your: /.node-red/public/icons directory.

    But that is the part, not the files.

    Could you please help me get the icons “working”?
    (I guess at worst, where can I get the files to put in that path?)

  2. Hi Pete, thank you for your great site. As Marko wrote back in July, do you have any chance to link your thermostat gui with this one ?

  3. I have been using ramp thermostat over 6 months or so. I was trying to use Pete’s really cool thermostat, as it was exactly what i wanted, but i needed several instances of it running, 12 in fact ! one for each room. as my scripting isn’t that good modifying Pete’s lovely stat to have the ability to have more zones only resulted in me breaking it. Spent weeks of my life modifying it, getting what i thought was close, then breaking it, reloading it and starting again ! So i found Ramp thermostat, so simple, tested it, Perfect, until i tried to add more than one instance. emailed author about it, and to cut a long story short, it had nothing to do with the number of instances running, it was somthing to do with having spaces in its name “Lilys Room” would cause an error, “LilysRoom” would of worked, but the author fixed this small bug within an hour or so. I now have 12 ramp thermostat’s controlling 12 radiators via relays and thermo-electric radiator valves. (and about 500m of 1mm T&E). No problems! and has made huge difference to Gas bill !
    I control it all from a rather naff NodeRed ui and some 3.5″ Nextions. Would be Lovely to have “Zones” on your thermostat Pete! Hint Hint.
    Thanks For all your great work

  4. Will you update the old blog-post which has the nice thermostat interface settable for each day and stuff to use this node as the backend?

    Would be nice that we have the entire solution to deploy.

  5. Thanks for sharing this Pete, it looks pretty good. I have node red set up in test at home including your big timer node but I have not yet had enough time to tinker with it enough to tempt me away from my rather finely tuned Pimatic (Rpi/NodeJS) setup …but I like what I have seen so far and think I will end up migrating my setup to ‘red eventually. This thermostat node certainly helps in softening the learning curve required for me to do so….cheers

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