Trio Max Portable Laptop Monitor from Mobilepixels Inc

MobilePixels Trio Max Monitor

Just today I opened a newly-arrived package from MobilePixels – a 14″ 1080FHD USB-C extension monitor. Made primarily for laptops and tablets the monitor provides up to 1920*1080 as a secondary or third monitor. I should say right away, these are not cheap.

I opened the package, thinking it would have HDI input and when I realised that instead, it simply had a pair of interchangeable USB-C connectors (USB-C to full-size USB lead provided) my heart sank as I have never managed to get USB 3 extension hubs to give me a third output for my PCs (years ago the same PC had a rather slow USB 2 monitor extension and I got used to having three monitors – but I’ve left that in Spain and I’m in the UK right now).

I stood up the 14″ monitor and plugged it into a spare USB 3 connector on the PC, not expecting any results – but LO, 20 seconds after power on – the display lit up. I LIKE IT. Ok, my other monitors here are 26″ including a new LG display – but I PLAN to use this with a convertable tablet most of the time (see CAVIAT below) – I’m just stunned that despite my previous failed attempts with USB3 in, USB3 out and HDMI out hubs and without running any kind of driver on my PC, the Trio MAX just WORKS. Very good. It’s given my old PC a new lease of life as that small monitor is very handy for keeping social media and email off to one side.

The monitor came in a great presentation box and has spare magnets for mounting and an adjustable back. It will work with both PCs and MACs. Just in time for Christmas… Check out their website to see the fittings, specs etc.


Unfortunately, my recently updated Toshiba Portege Z20T-C Windows 11 tablet – even armed with the recommended DisplayLink driver, simply would NOT, either on USB-C or USB-A, produce anything out of the Trio Max. The USB-C connector on the tablet produced nothing, the USB-A connector on the base unit of the tablet, produced only a flickering white display.


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