UGREEN Nexode Gan X Fast 65W Charger – Very Nice

UGREEN GAN X 64W Fast Charger

You may have seen me blog about the UGREEN T3 HiTune Earbuds and before that, the UGREEN X6 Active HiTune buds – both excellent. And before anyone says “who on earth is UGREEN”… I’d not heard of them before the X6 and was suitably impressed so I’m expecting much out of their charger range. Let’s take a look. The link here is to the EU-plug version – there is a USA-plug version also.

As you’ll see in the first image, they sent me a USB-C to USB-C lead, a USB-C to Lightning lead (the latter remains untested as I’ve no Apple products) and the GAN X Fast Charger itself with EU power plug.

In order, the USB-C to USB-C lead, well, it’s a lead. Looks nice, braided, solid looking but a lead all the same. The Apple lightning lead – again solid looking but other than that, no comment.

The charger – box says three-port fast charging, smaller size, wide compatibility, smart protection. The three outputs are a pair of USB-C outputs and a normal USB output. Let’s take a look…

UGREEN GAN X 65W charger

Plug into mains power, attach an applicance using one of the USB-C connectors and a USB-C lead (in this case the UGREEN lead) – no problem.

Next – quick-charging my Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro phone and a huge battery pack at the same time – using the two USB-C (PD) outputs – no problem. Taking this a stage further will take longer – but with 65W output I’m reasonably confident the Nexode GAN X charger will be just fine. More as time permits. I like it.


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