This promising looking 1080P FHD Auto DVR Camera Video recorder with WiFi ADAS G-Sensor from TomTop will apparently work in the car to take videos (rear or front) and store them on a (not supplied) SD card. I installed an SD I had lying around and plugged the USB-powered camera into my PC. Immediately I went to DEVICES in Windows, the WORLDCAM appeared. Sadly it would not show up in Skype. Nor would it show up in the Windows 10 Camera App. I can’t tell if it is working as it has no internal screen.


ToCan’t find the TomTop link for this camera so here’s a general link to their site: be fair this is not what the camera was designed for, so I elected to go look at the supplied instructions. “The recorder connects the car machine” it said. WHAT car machine I ask? “Find the ES File Browser in the car” it said. I’m pretty familiar with my car and I’m pretty sure the Sat-Nav/Control unit does not have ES File Explorer and that is the ONLY car device with a screen.

This could be the shortest review of the year unless new information comes to light.


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    1. My Windows 10 Pro settings look nothing like that, however, another screen shows my cameras (I have 2 others attached) is ON for Csmers and Skype – still no sign of this car camera even though the screen beeps positively in USB when connected via usb

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