USB Soldering Iron TS100

I’ve been kindly sent a rather neat tiny soldering iron my the name of TS100. Here are the links: UK: and CA:

tmp8DC3This unit comes in a small box with nothing more than the iron (with tip separated for storage) and an allen key with two spare small locking screws as well as a small leaflet. The iron can be controlled and set up by USB.

Here is the full boxed unit and below that, the assembled iron (which took seconds to put together).

Indeed, writing the blog took longer than opening and assembling this  iron.

The unit has USB but this is only for setup with the OLED display, the iron needing 12v to function. In my case the instructions that come with the iron state that you should go to for the latest firmware. After spending time on the wrong site ( before eventually getting to the correct site, I still could not find that software. It is however easier to find alternative software for the iron, see comments.. Also they suggest pressing button A to enter DFU mode (bad idea assuming everyone knows what that means). There are no markings on the buttons but button B is nearest to the little display with A further away.

Then I had to go looking for a suitable 12v supply, no mention in the instructions about using 12v and USB at the same time. I tried both and either way I kept getting a config message then a logo but no temperature reading and the iron would not heat up. It turns out that my 12v power supply was not up to the mark (amperage-wise). That will have to wait until I’m near a better supply when I get back from holiday.


That’s how things stand, when I hear from the supplier and get further, I’ll amend the blog.


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  1. Hello I had the same issue as you that you could not upload the code because the port was not recognized. I had to try 4 different computers until one with windows 7 did the trick!

  2. Hi gents,

    Just got my TS100. Tried the following, but like Peter, I can not upgrade the firmware.

    1)DFU 3.43 (Iron is on 2.18 Fw)
    2)USB drive shows up as a 1.96MB drive.
    2.1)Contents of USB = TS100_~1 ; TS100_EN ; ._.Trashes ; .fseventsd ; .Trashes ; System Volume Information.

    I’v disabled my Eset Endpoint – same issue.

    Any suggestions? Don’t be shy, I’m a IT engineer and happy to play around. PS: I’v not yet touched the config file.

  3. if you received some banggood email these days, if you click the TS100 offer there you can have it for just 35€… this is the link I received, but I think it’s different for everybody and you need to click the one in your email…

  4. i have exactly the same problem with my ts-100: the power supply that i have bought for it (12v @ 2 a) must be too weak for it to warm up =/ must find something else to try.

  5. Now I’ve put some time into this and grabbed and uploaded the alternative software then tested with my 1.5amp 12v supply, still nothing out of the hot end. It could well be that I just got the bad one of the batch. I’ll see if I can get a replacement.

  6. Please remember that it’s a 65W iron: if your PSU isn’t beefy enough (eg. 1A@12V) it doesn’t work at all (not even a bit); you’ll need at least a power supply of 6A or more when using 12V.


    Peter (I’ve just registered an account)

    1. That is a very good point, though it still does not explain difficulty in finding the official software… but I will amend the blo based on this feedback, thanks.

  7. The official firmware can be found on the forum of (mind the .cn TLD):

    The iron should be seen as an external drive when plugged into a free USB-port, if it isn’t try another port or even another PC.
    If that still doesn’t work, there’s great chance you’ve got a defective iron (as it also should already contain working firmware and work right out of the box).

    1. I can see on that site a link to 3rd party software, but not having luck finding the official update. However as the iron should already have software on it and I can’t get it to heat up with 12v on the second input, the point is somewhat mute. Thanks for the info.

  8. I use this soldering iron for more than 2 years. This is very useful. I supply with 18V old Compaq adapter. I like mostly quick time to start, for me there is no such time :). And I am happy with auto switch off function too. May be negative is too light and hard to find the appropriate power connector at the adapter side. I use TS-I solder tip perfect for SMD and TS-B2 for other cases. The solder tips can be changed very quickly. May be use of 2 TS100 will be more convenient, but the price is no so low for that.

  9. Hello Peter, I highly recommend trying this firmware: – it contains lots of new features and is actively developed.
    I like adding my own starting logo, changing the temperature on the go and boost mode.

      1. Sadly, I just tried this on two Windows PCs, as instructed, in DFU mode (3.43) – in neither case did a USB drive appear.

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