Useless Pi Browser and Firefox


Why oh WHY do they keep that utterly USELESS Web browser in Raspbian?  I powered up my new Raspberry Pi today on my new 5” LCD display and tried loading up Node-Red on the browser.

That went well until I tried to edit a function – blank white window. I figured it was the LCD – so I tried it in TightVNC instead – still a white window.

I remembered that on my non-Pi machines they install Iceweasel – so off I went to get Iceweasel instead.

Surprised to say the LEAST when I installed the latter it also came with FIREFOX!!  Now I’m a Chrome man but there’s nothing wrong with Firefox and so I was delighted to see that. I tried Node-Red on it and LO – worked a treat. So I’ve taken off the horrible default browser from my Pi3 and put Firefox up there instead. Looks lovely on the top.

While I was on, having learned from the experience with the NanoPis – I installed WICD while I was on – nice visual setup for WIFI.

And there it is – my sparkly Pi3 home screen.


But here’s the BIG thing – NOW all the BBC’s videos work all of a sudden – gone are the “you need Flash” messages – even BBC videos work (mind you – they won’t work on the little 5” LCD – back to “you need to install Flash” – which then doesn’t work. I’ll put that down to the LCD and have griped to my Ebay supplier. More on the touch screen later – it’s a winner.


7 thoughts on “Useless Pi Browser and Firefox

  1. I had trouble following this post, let me restate, let me know if I got it right:

    The default browser for Raspbian (I believe it’s called Epiphany) didn’t work with node-red.

    You went off to install Iceweasel and ???

    You installed FIrefox and it worked for node-red.

    WICD is a good tool for visual setup of WiFi.

    BBS videos play on Firefox on the Pi3, but not on the 5″ LCD attached.

    1. Epiphany is awful – YES.
      I went off to get Iceweasel – and Firefox came with it. YES.
      Firefox works for Node-Red – YES.
      WICF is a good tool for visual set up of WIFI – YES.
      BBS videos play on Firefox (in a TighVNC session, rather slowly) but not on the 5″ LCD – Correct.

      I’ve solved all other problems – if I could get those videos to work on the LCD, life would be perfect.

      1. Hi Peter. Iceweasel IS Firefox really. There was a time when the name was changed on some Linux distributions. Can’t quite remember the reason now, doubtless some idiotic copyright or similar issue.

        1. So the strange thing is – when I installed Iceweasel this time I ended up with both – the original Iceweasel – and a Firefox – branded Firefox and with the icon.

  2. I don’t think your LCD supplier is responsible in anyway with the “Adobe Flash” issue.
    I wonder if the BBC website uses HTML5 when using an HDMI display at high resolution, and falls back to Adobe Flash while on the lower resolution available on your 5″ display.

    You may want to try to force it @ (if that’s what you are using).

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