Vyze-Link WiFi PTZ Security Camera VYZ-KT5

Vyze-link VYZ-KT5 Camera

This is the point where I’d often show you the box, but guess what… it ended up in the bin.. SO, the camera – full PTZ (i.e. pan and tilt) and the KT5 produces a 4MP output with a field angle of 110 degrees. Night vision is claimed as maximum 10ft/2m. Both HD and SD options are available for those with a very slow connection. My hand is pretty much normal size incidentally.

The WiFi is 2.4Mhz and there is 2-way audio – we’ve all heard the latter advertised on cheap cameras but I found the sound to be loud and clear.

You can SHARE the device with other users via the APP.

As for human detection – this is available without having to have a cloud connection (I use a microSD generally). Just as well because there is no control of detection zones on this camera.

I noted also that you can turn the time display on and of but there is no custom message facility or ability to move the time display around. I do wish camera designers would put a little more thought into these items. Trivial but depending on use it could be handy to move the time to the bottom of the screen.

For night-vision, the KT5 has 8 IR LEDs and 8 WHITE LEDs. Installation is very easy.

Power is 5vDC (adaptor included). No mention in the manual of the camera being waterproof but I’d imagine if kept away from direct rain it should be ok. Soon find out – but I will put some tape over that RJ45 inlet…. there’s a rainproof cover over the reset/SD opening under the lens…

Vyze-link RJ45

For those who want the best possible quality there’s an RJ45 connector – personally I’m happy with WiFi. This camera is not for those who want direct local control (no RTSP at leat not mentioned in the manual) – this is your usual phone-home type and you can access it on your mobile from anywhere – I just tried by turning off the WiFi on my phone so I was effectively “away from home”.

Setup – easy – register the KASSA APP (mine’s Android), add the camera to the APP, plug the camera into power, wait for 2 beeps, put the WiFi details you want the camera to have access to, into the APP and a QR code on your phone is scanne by the camera.. and you’re done.

Thinking about this – because the phone then does not have to be on Wifi but can still talk to the camera if it’s on anothr WiFi or mobile connection, if you are concious about security, you could always use an access point for your cameras that has access to the outside world but not your network – some routers call that a GUEST network – mine have that. The camera “phones home” so that you can get access on the road, but with an isolated guest network you would ensure neither your phone nor VyzeLink have access to your main network. First time I’ve thought about that.


Hopefully you can see above – the image quality is good, lag is minimal and I’m not seeing the usual compression artifacts on the ceiling.

For support there’s a US contact number (US market only) – the rest of us get a support email.

As for price – varies where you are based – here are links – I’m not getting any kick-back on this so feel free to peruse:

Amazon US Amazon DE Amazon FR Amazon IT Amazon ES

No UK link but you could always tackle them on that here… support@vyzelink.com

Note: at the time of writing the vyzelink.com appears to have nothing about this new camera model.


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