WiFi GPS Dual Lens Car DVR Camera

Dashcam from Banggood

To give it the full title – T692C 2.0 Inch 1080P FHD WiFi GPS Dual Lens Car DVR Camera I just received this little number… and rather than the usual pretty stock photos here are some REAL photos to start the ball rolling.

Out of the box I fitted an 8GB microSD card I had lying around (as you do)… and plugged the camera into a handy USB point (normally you would plug it into the car). To keep my service provider happy I limit the quality of images in the blog – trust me, this is all high quality 1080p stuff.

Dash Cam

So, this is a small unit to fasten to the window (maybe) in your car/caravan/camper (I can already see interest brewing and I can already see uses outside of automotives – like 2 adjustable cameras in one – use anywhere really – internally, I suggest). The unit comes on automatically – please note that the T692C needs power – I’m not seeing an internal battery yet. The device as you see, views both forward and rear images at 1080p. If you are in a rush for technical info (or Christmas for that matter) – see the link above.

Not only are the images fully adjustable up and down but also it has full manual PAN.

Connector - mini-USB

Also supplied is a GPS unit which needs USB – and a window mount with spare adhesive pads. The GPS is of course optional – and you can also use the unit with an IOS or Android App called Timacam – took me seconds to find that on the Android store.

GPS unit

This HAS to rank as best gadget of the month… next, I loaded up the app, told the camera to form a WIFI access point (I’ve now done this in the car) and seconds later the app was capturing dual images off the camera onto my phone – here you go… good? Well I’m impressed and yes (for newbies) I’ve reviewed a lot of cameras.

That’s me holding my phone to grab this shot – you can tell I’ll never be an actor. Up to now I absolutely LOVE this gadget and I’ve not made a DENT in the features yet. See the link at the top of the page for more technical info.

Instructions in English? Sure, two LARGE sides of it – and I managed most of this without even looking at them. You won’t be able to read anything in here but it will give you the general idea hopefully – very well done. I’ve now turned on the small GPS unit that comes with it and you get an indication on screen that it is working – but you don’t see coordinates – granted there is not much screen real estate so that’s probably for the better.

In the car, in my car anyway you get a great view out of the front but they might have used more of a zoom lense on the back – mind you I only viewed the output on the limited built-in screen. I could actually see uses outside of the car for this. Isn’t it a shame that most cars don’t seem to have power points or USB in the ceiling. Not sure how the wife will take to having another cable flying down fom the window.



8 thoughts on “WiFi GPS Dual Lens Car DVR Camera

      1. Yep, I get how it’s designed. My point is for the rear facing camera to be of most use, the vertical access of centre of cameras has to be in line with dead centre of the car.The rear camera needs to look directly between the backs of the driver and passenger seats. As a result the display and buttons are offset slightly to the left hence my observation it’s designed for LHD cars.This seems to be the norm for asymmetrical dashcam designs.

  1. i have a similar dashcam in my car, but the problem is: are they legal? Or, are their use accepted by police forces and assurances in case of accidents? I don’t know, at least in Italy…

        1. I have a unit which attaches to my rear view mirror and has a front facing camera. There’s a separate camara which attaches to the ceiling at the back of my car and connects to the main unit. One DVR, two cameras.

        2. Not true!
          Your front view dashcam shows that what you were doing is perfectly normal driving. It may be you were approaching traffic lights and someone cuts out of the other lane right in front of you without warning.

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