Windows Update May 2020 – a Big One?

May 2020 Windows upgrade is out and at least here in the UK, is available – in “Windows update” and I have just finished upgrading six PCs. Not a lot of really exciting stuff but the updates to the Windows WLS might be worth checking if you want to run Linux under Windows – personally I prefer not to – having seen just how far off the real Linux experience WLS really is.

For more information on the updates check directly with Microsoft.

To be honest I found my personal discovery of Stardock Fences” more interesting than any improvements I noticed from Microsoft – others may have differing opinions.

Anyway, Cortana improvements, better searches, renaming of virtual desktops, new DirectX 12 features – more – check the Microsoft site.


3 thoughts on “Windows Update May 2020 – a Big One?

  1. wsl is VERY good, just not for what you wanted to do, like running local services which could survive on reboot… honestly i didn’t check if now in v2 they work, and actually don’t plan to do such tests as they’re just academic: i want my “daemons” to stay wild and standalone on dedicated devices, not on one i could reboot often 🙂
    i can now use all my “preciousssssssssssssssssssssssssssss” commands in windows, too, as i’m just already used to them and don’t need to learn powershell equivalents 🙂
    full intro:

    new powertoys are out, too, very useful:

    1. Thanks for that Kris – Antonio just pointed out I put WSL instead of WLS – fixed.

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