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tmp4550You may recall I did a write-up on some neat little easy to use ESP8266 modules a while ago:

  • Visual Configuration
  • OTA (Over-The-Air) Firmware Updates
  • Plug and Play Groves
  • IFTTT Application
  • Android & iOS APPs
  • RESTful APIs

Lots of units that simply plug together. Well they’ve just been in touch to say they’ve changed the name and are on Kickstarter. They sent me a set of plug-in modules and while this will never be the cheapest option it is awfully handy if you’re not a dab hand with a soldering iron.  Here’s the link.


Oh, yes, it stands for “Wireless input and output to link everything” –  well, there you are.


4 thoughts on “Wio Link

  1. I have just got my one. Easy to plug and play, but I prefere handle the solder. Is possible load in WIO LINk a sketch with arduino ide via TX RX?

  2. Neat if you want to ripped off for all the plug in modules. IMHO nothing wrong with rolling your own and much more satisfying.

    1. You are making an assumption Bobcroft which I often make.. that everyone can handle a soldering iron – trust me that is far from the case. For ever hobbyist or developer that is a dab handle with the solder there will be another who would rather plug stuff in. And I guess that’s where these guys fit in.

      Put it this way, they have just started their Kickstarter campaign and have already almost double the pledges they needed so clearly lots of folk want what they are making. At this rate they’re going to have a lot of customers. Had it been a really bad idea, it would have flopped.

      1. Agreed – I have just got my one of these and its so easy to plug and play.
        It brings in a whole new audience of developers that don’t want to know what goes on ‘under the hood’ but just want to get to the data that the modules can provide.

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