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On the surface of it the Xiaomi Mi 4 looks like it’s predecessor, the Mi3, but it is NOTHING like it. The original was/is a fine, mono display smart band which my wife LOVES, but the Mi 4 is a full colour model while still retaining the best part of a month battery life - 20 according to Xiaomi and I went WAY past that with some very enthusiastic use including downloading hundreds of watch-faces - the band has hardly been off my wrist (now including swimming in the sea and taking showers) and I’ve only just charged it as the battery was showing 18%.

Xiaomi have provided us a much needed watch face library and this smart band also supports various independent watch-face libraries and apps including the Amazfit app. I love it and the watch face you see to the right is my NEW add-on favourite. The Mi 4 blows the socks off both the Huawei Honor Band 4 and 5 (good as they are) – at least in terms of choice of watch faces.

A recent automatic Mi 4 band update (4.0.7) for the “Mi Fit” App temporarily scuppered the “Amazfit” watch Faces. I wrote to Amazfit and within hours received a response to say they’d fix this at the next update. What service!!  The author of Mi Fit 7 App wrote to suggest (with link provided) reverting to Mi Fit 4.0.6 and turning off automatic updates. I did that AND wrote to the Mi Fit app contact huami.tech@gmail.com to ask for a fix in 4.0.8 – let’s see what happens.

For now, luckily, the “Mi Band 44” app seems to have many of those faces and more and it has a quick hack to get around any issues by simply replacing the first of the officially downloadable faces with one of its own. REALLY easy to use. For me the best option was in fact to revert to Mi Fit 4.0.6 – I did that and have my 3rd party faces back. (END of UPDATE)

Despite the Mi 4 manual coming entirely in Chinese, on opening the box, I noted a QR code inside the manual and scanned that with my Pocophone, which then loaded up the Mi Fit App. I initially let the band (or rather it’s detachable central module) charge for an hour or so before doing anything – just as well as all I got was Chinese output initially. Once Mi Fit was installed on my phone this was sorted automatically

I already have a MI account but signing up is easy. Once signed in, the band started to display in English – job done. No ECG or Oxygen levels in this model – indeed facilities are basic compared to some – but the quality is very good. As soon as the watch had charge in it, both the app and the firmware updated to the latest versions.

Ah but this is merely the beginning… read further on for more general information and the link at the end has the technical info – but most importantly – the Mi 4 supports custom watch faces both in the MIFit application and third party applications and sites…

Mi Band 4 Faces

If the many faces on the MiFit application are not enough for you, install the Amazfit and Mi Band 4 apps – I don’t have room here to show more than a small selection of faces…



My initial reaction to all of this was to say “well, yes but it isn’t that bright in sunlight, But it turns out that default initial brightness was only half way up and as soon as I discovered that, I turned it up to full and left it there. So you CAN see the faces in bright lighting. There will of course be a battery charge life trade-off but I eventually caved in and recharged the band – after more than 3 weeks of heavy duty use. I could have waited a few days more.

Xiaomi Mi 4You can get the bands in a range of colours and I have a few Caribbean versions though I keep reverting to black – call me old-fashioned. The watch handles sleep monitoring, alarms, reminders, pulse checking and sports.   You can play music stored on your phone. Bluetooth is v5.0 and the watch is waterproof to 5m – I HAVE actually deliberately tested it in the shower and also in the sea.

At 29 Euros from Banggood (checked August 24, 2019)  the Mi4 is a bargain - here in Spain I recently bought an un-branded similar-looking band for 26 Euros, took it to our local fresh water pool and that was the end of it.  Recently accidentally leaving the Mi4 on in the same pool did absolutely no harm.

Charging is via a supplied cradle-type USB lead - easy and up to now, utterly reliable.

Having tried out so VERY MANY watch-faces, I have a problem – I found the best one and so now I can’t beat it. Oh, well, choice, it’s a terrible thing.

Xiaomi Mi band 4 AMOLED Colour Screen Wristband -- http://bit.ly/2Gkktvh
More Smart Wristbands -- http://bit.ly/2y2XXCO


18 thoughts on “Xiaomi Mi 4 Smart band

    1. Check out the link I gave – you have to wade through endless promo photos however. The actual MI site has even more info under SPECS – https://www.mi.com/global/mi-smart-band-4/specs/
      and there it ALSO clarifies that their claim for battery charge life is 20 days – in reality with heavy use I am expecting a full month- eat that, Apple. Lots more info:

      Alarm, proximity sensor, pre-set watch face, customizable watch face,
      lock screen, timer, stopwatch, phone alarm and notifications, incoming
      calls, message notifications, calendar notifications, app notifications,
      weather forecast, Find my phone, phone unlock, event notification,
      Night mode, Do not disturb mode (works even without phone), music
      controls on band, Bluetooth broadcasting, battery level display, different
      ways to wear, OTA updates

      Is that enough info? Neither site mentions that there is a massive AMAZFIT site and others with even more watchfaces. You can never have too many watchfaces,

  1. Thank-you Peter. Very generous answer – I imagine you’re basking in a glorious Spanish evening with a bit of time on your hands! Lucky you. Think I’ll get one. Cheers from drizzly London.

    1. from what i’ve seen in various youtube videos, you can manage it via both the mi fit app, and the amazfit one, choose your preferred one… and yes, you have full notification, phone caller id, etc 🙂

  2. When using the Mi Band 1,2,3 it does not necessarily mean you have to give up your privacy by using the chatty App. For Android Gadgetbridge keeps your health data local to your device, which is nice. For iOS there is MiBandMaster which has an acceptable privacy policy. Gadgetbridge-Devs work hard to make their App compatible to the more locked-down Mi Band 4, but that is work in progress.

    1. Ah, now thats a shame the Mi Band 4 support on GadgetBridge is still a work in progress as Band 4 is superb. Still, for now they are welcome to know how light I am – and given the number of users. I doubt anyone is keeping a close eye on me. I also have Samsung watches so I’m used to giving that info away.

  3. Have you tried the gadgetbridge app with it? Cannot link it because play store won’t let me copy the url, but it’s a free app you can get on google play or f-droid.

    I use it with my miband3, and it is pretty neat. You don’t need the xiaomi cloud but rather save data on your android. You can even export it as sqlite db (planning on displaying all my data in grafana, but haven’t figured out how to “update” a constantly changing sqlite db to influx or mysql).

    If you don’t want to share all your health data with unknown third parties this might be interesting to you. I don’t know if it supports different watch faces for miband4 because I haven) haven’t replaced my 3 yet…

  4. I’m a fan of this band since the first model. The color screen is actually the best improvment. But I have also to say that I’m concerned about the missing of basic multitask features. i.e. during the exercise is impossible to change the view even if for readinh the time (in the model 3 at least it was shown in the exercise data); also if i set a timer I cannot do anything else. There is a basic music control but the same you can’t use if you are stucked in another function… I hope in a future firmware update.

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