Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Smartphone

Redmi Note 8

More precisely called the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Global Version Smartphone this wonderful new phone arrived yesterday via Banggood – and Maureen could not be happier.

Wonderful – because though lovely and reliable, her little, inexpensive Cubot X19 is not in the same league as the Note 8, which has (for starters) a 48Mpx camera, all-in 4 lenses, fingerprint recognition, face recognition, compass, Intrared remote control (unless you have our 4K TV, the Aldi special who’s brand name is not recognised by Xiaomi – yet) and a list of great features including 4GB Ram and 64GB storage, I’m not going to go through the lot here as you can get them from the link above. I will mention that the Note 8 release date was September 2019 and that the phone now has Android 9 and MUIU 11 – the very same enhancement used in my Pocophone.

Redmi Note 8 from Banggood

The 6.3″ display on the Note 8 is 2340*1080 Corning Gorilla Glass 5, it has dual SIMs and (I said I was not going through all the specs so I’ll stop in a tick). Nearly all of the top surface is screen but for a tiny central camera cut-out for selfies – but (as Maureen will tell you) the MOST important feature is – it is LOVELY – a shimmering purple/blue in our Note 8… see my photos in here.

Redmi Note 8 from Banggood

As soon as the weather picks up – I’ll go take some pictures (48Mpx as well as night shots, HDR and panoramas) – and maybe some 4K UHD video. Oh and if the storage isn’t enough you can have 2 SIMs or 1 SIM and up to a 256B microSD. This could well give my Pocophone F1 some competition.

The obvious next thing to do here is show example photos and video from the NOTE 8 – the only issue there is the ATTROCIOUS weather we are having right now. It will have to wait until things pick up. I’ve also just noticed our mistake – the idea was to have the Note 8 PRO – who’s cameras are even better. On the other hand, the Google Pixel camera app that I just fitted which apparently is NOT available for the Pro, should more than make up.

Initial outdoor shot – which at 48Mpx ends up as a 10MB JPG image – you’re looking at a shrunken version of that – a little like the flat 2D man trying to visualise a 3D universe. Anyway, here it is..

And night shots – completely unprocessed and in rubbish weather

Note 8 night shot including moving person.
Note 8 photo at night

Of course, you can’t really tell here but take my word for it that the originals were massive. IDO think that Xiaomi could have included a screen protector – we bought one from Ebay and the people who make these things need to gain some skills – too big for a curved-edge screen like the Note 8. Already asked Banggood to help out here. I would expect the Google Pixel 4 camera app (v7) that I’ve added to the Pocophone AND the Note 8, to benefit the latter, not that there is anything wrong with the native app but, well, you just must have astrophotography mode to feel complete.

The PLAN was to go out and test the phone camera to death but I’m afraid it is just too cold and miserable outside so I’m staying in orking on my Nod-Red Dashboard instead. Soon I should have the Note 8 PRO to compare with. Not that I’m a fan of Xiaomi or anything…


4 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Smartphone

  1. I’d be interested to know how this compares to the PocoPhone. Looking for a replacement for my iPhone 6 and don’t want to pay the Apple tax.

    Been thinking about the PocoPhone but slightly concerned that it is a little old now. But I notice that it is still more expensive than this phone.

    1. Don’t write off the Pocophone, it is FAR from old – last update was last week to MIUI 11. No sign of Xiaomi losing interest in it yet. However as the Note 8 ALSO can handle the Pixel camera app, it should give the Pocophone a run for it’s money. My wife will be using the Note 8 – I’m sticking with my Pocophone (just fitted a new screen cover and a snazzy purple semi-opaque mirror cover so it is all sparkly new again). The Note 8 basic camera resolution is of course higher, no getting away from it. As phones, both work perfectly so not much to talk about there.

      1. Oh dear, so hard to chose!

        Thanks for the response though. I would definitely want access to the Pixel camera app for sure.

        To be honest, at this point most phones will do the basics. I could do with a somewhat larger screen than my current iPhone 6 and I certainly want decent cameras. Good battery life would also be useful.

        I’m really not sure I need much beyond that. Except that I want it to be supported for a few years. Being in IT and security, I need it to have reasonably fast security patching.

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